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Endless Biography

Last updated: 11/12/2005

1994 - Ostrava - the foundation of the band (Libor-guitar, Jarda-guitar, Rybíz-bass guitar)

1995 -the coming of drummer Radim and female singer Hanka to the band

1996- the demo "Among The Trees" (the demo of the month in Rock&Pop Magazine, succesful acceptances among both the fans and reviewers)

1997 - the victory in competition New Rock Generation (about 225 bands were applying for this competition)
- Radim and Hanka are leaving the band for Forgotten Silence
- the compilation Breath Of Doom (song Fly With A Dove)

1998 - the coming of new drummer René (ROOT)
- the final of competition Jim Beam Rock

1999 - recording of CD "Perihelion" (The 1st place in chart of reviews in Big Beng! Magazine)
- with female vocals helped Markéta Mann
- the coming of drummer Radek (ex-Gallery Of Dead Batteries, ex-Terror)
- the compilation "A Tribute To Master´s Hammer" (song "Suchardùv dùm")
- the tour with ROOT

2000 - the Tour Colour Of Moonsine (+ Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy, Sad Harmony)
- January - Prague, Akropolis - a concert with Anathema

2001 -
March - recording of new CD at Studio Shaark (Czech rep.)
- April - the change on the post of bass player, Rybíz is leaving the band because of his
health problems, new bass player is Petas Hutín
- July - new CD "Vital #1" is out (mixed and recorded at MagicMinds Studio in Hannover-