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Finch Ender Lyrics

Last updated: 01/16/2012 10:00:00 AM

Here I am beside myself again
I'm torn apart by words that you have said
and all in all, I know we're falling apart
Where did you run to so far away?

And here we are to sing you a song
And there you are, asleep against the window pane
Just like always

You said you like to hear the rain sometimes
And all I can do is tell you the truth
and Oh, my eyes will tell you the same

And here we are to sing you a song
And there you are asleep again
And here we are to sing you a song
And there you are, asleep again

Grasp my hand, together we feel
we are one result
Grasp my hand, together we feel
we are one result
Grasp my hand, together we feel
we are one result
Grasp my hand, together we feel
we are one result (RESULT!!)

And here we are to sing you a song
and there you are, asleep again
And here we are to sing you a song
and there you are, asleep again

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douchbaggery | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/12

i have to say with the exception for maybe one or two comments everyone that has said anything I imagine to be mildly retarded. I really don't understand the shear stupidity of people.

Unfortunate | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/4/11

This is in response to those who feel that "Say Hello To Sunshine" is equal to the original, self titled album. I agree that a band should grow and evolve into what they truly want to express, but look at the numbers and listen to his voice and the band behind him. The next album was a total departure from the original and the people didn't care for it. Not only that, but his voice suggests that touring, fame and booze has taken it's tole. I ruined three disks from the first album and threw the next albums away after trying desperately to find the warmth. Add to that the fact that the guy cant sing live and can't sit still long enough on stage to focus on vocals and what you end up with is a waste of a ticket. I love this band, but like so many other flashes in the pan, they just cant do it on the road.
Im not saying they sold out, but you have to agree that they left their roots in order to keep up and it didn't work at all. One hit wonder... maybe. But I will continue to buy that first album every time the current disk gets too scratched to play.

hm | Reviewer: Kim | 2/28/10

not liking how some folk are saying that say hello to sunshine should be more like this. if every album was the same, they'd just be boring and lose fans, right? they need to have a slight change, so that they sell more and keep fans... if you don't like it, fine, but its good for the band :)

ffs... | Reviewer: Bryone | 8/12/09

i may kill someone..... who gives a flying fuck tbh? its twat like you guys, putting labels on everything, that make people 'scared' to say what they want. if you like metallica and maidern, have you gotta be a 40yr old man with hair down to the tits? no. if you like hawthorne heights have you gotta have scars over your arm? no. who cares if its emo, rock or bastard hiphop? people should like music for its sound not the genre!!!

19/7/09 | Reviewer: Simon. | 7/18/09

To all those people that say this is emo, grow up. Emo is short for emotive hardcore. Which Finch basically paved the way for. So yes it is emo. In that sense of the word. But its not shit like escape the fate or the used. And for all you people saying it's not emo, you just don't want to admit that it is, because you don't want people knowing that you like an emo song. Get over yourselves. Finch are amazing live or recorded. The say hello to sunshine album is one of the greatest albums i've ever heard. There isn't an album with more raw emotion in it. Oh, and for the imbecile that thinks panic! at the disco are emo, wow, did your mum breast feed you till you were 12? Could you really be that ignorant?

Awesome | Reviewer: rachel | 1/7/09

i'd get over it. its just a song. doesnt matter what genre it is, just if you like it or not. it's whatever each individual makes it. no one is ever goin to agree on what genre a lot of bands are so best to just get on and enjoy the music.

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/08

all of you comercial idiots that dont know past reg radio get this through your head....just because its not completley mainstream and about something not happy will a bit of emotion in it doesnt mean its emo. music soul puprose is to betray emotion. my defintion of emo is: faggy try hard band like panic at the disco that write cliche faggy song about girls...emo are modern day boy bands with instead of synth they use real itsrument like guitar bass n drums.

amazing song just quietly

You are children... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/7/08

Who gives a damn if this is emo or not...freaking children!

It's an awesome song. If you wanna cry, then please do. If you wanna dance slowly around your room while tripping on the happiness that this song induces, please do too. And even better, grab a guitar and learn to play this song. It's brilliantly beautiful.

Um what | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/08

Basically finch are not emo they are genrally a post-hardcore band.
Just because something has slight meaning to it dont regard it as emo because emo usually has lyrics that are blatently emotion like, say, letter to you.
but apart from that nope emo is out of the quistion

Ender | Reviewer: Danny | 11/19/07

This is without a doubt my favourite song. It is the perfect mixture of softness and solid sound. Everyone has different opinions on what is emo but as long as everyone agrees it is a brilliant and powerful song then who cares?? Wish there were more similar Ender/Post Script/Letters to You/What it is to burn songs on Say Hello to Sunshine.

greatest song by the band | Reviewer: dick | 11/7/07

who f#cking cares. It's a good song. why do teenagers have to put a lable on EVERYHING? If you say it's emo, and you hate emo, then why are you looking up lyrics for it. grow up.If you wanna bash anything by finch, go to town on that new piece of crap they came out with, say hello to sunshine. more like say hello to pretencious rip off of every band in the genre.

not emo | Reviewer: Punk Rock Princess | 8/24/07

This is probably one of Finch's best songs, hands down.
And yes, just because it's slower and about love, doesn't make it emo.
It's a ballad. Almost every band as one.

emo? | Reviewer: dopE | 7/2/07

its not emo. finch is punkrock band. this song only is slow and lirical thats way song allready not emo.

Emo | Reviewer: Simple | 6/28/07

This is totally a branch of emo... there is absolutely no doubt. Play it for any emo kid and see if they cry... if it works, then yes.

huh? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/11/07

this song is beautiful but not emo.
and emo can be so beautiful especially the lyrics.
and i don't mean all the blood or whatever you think of now.

think about it.