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Sentenced End Of The Road Lyrics

Last updated: 01/18/2014 03:56:29 PM

Here we are, now lay the burden down
We're coming to the end of our road
Sorrowful yet glorious somehow
To be humming this one last ode

So calm and still... it wasn't all that bad, or was it now?
Fulfilled... it doesn't only hurt to end it now

The funeral

The memories beneath the dust of years
They seem like those of someone deceased
There's no more to be done, or hoped or feared
Just waiting for the final release

So calm and thrilled... it wasn't all that bad, or was it now?
Still, it doesn't only hurt to end it now

Is life over, this life's over?
Or has it only just begun?
It grows colder, starts to moulder...
Coming apart yet still not done

Forever one

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great song | Reviewer: mody | 1/18/14

i only knew 1 song for sentenced then i found that song and watched it live on there last concert . it made me almost cry the idea of the last song and last solo played by mike and the band can only be described by the words : Sorrowful yet glorious somehow .

Intentionally devastating. | Reviewer: Malachi Smith | 10/24/13

For those who are unaware, this album was planned to be the last album the band created together. It wasn't by chance that this song was the finale to Sentenced, it was completely intentional.

What was not intentional, however, was Miika Tenkula's untimely death due to a heart attack. End of the Road features one of his last known recorded guitar solos.

Last of the last ones | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/11

Last song for the eternal suiciders. The fact that the last half of the song is basicly one great solo makes its existence even more greater. Sentenced helped me a lot with shit and I hope anyone who comes across it will get as much help as I did.

"end of the road" with sentenced | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/27/10

it is also ironic that this is the last song of the LAST sentenced album ("the funeral album")..

"it doesn't only hurt to end it now" :(
"or has it only just begun??"

what do you think sentenced! :)

Epic last song. | Reviewer: jagguar20 | 1/10/08

I liked the whole album, but this song in particular made me almost cry... even with the fact that I was not a Sentenced fanboy, untill know.
This song is trully epic.