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Officer Negative End Of The Begining Lyrics

Last updated: 06/01/2004 08:54:45 PM

The time has come
God's only Son
you will be judged
for what youve done
you lived your life
the worldly lie
its now too late
your gunna die

so your on your knees
with a big fat please
and tears in your eyes
your gnashing at your teeth
"oh Lord spare my life"
you ask him for forgiveness
you tell him your to blame
but whats there to forgive
he never knew your name

you had your chance
you turned it down
you lived your life
on earthly ground
torment and pain
is what you'll reap
forever death
is what you'll keep

So what's your choice
the time is near
don't leave this earth
witout a care
Christ died for you
so you could live
lay down your life
its all to give

its the end of the beginning
life and death it starts
the end of the beginning
together or apart