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End Of Green Biography

Last updated: 03/22/2003 02:52:47 AM

The band End of green originally started out in 1992 when some of the members started a rockband. After a few demo's and line up changes their music had become much more original, gloomier, hevier and atmospheric. In 1994 they were still playing under the banner of " End of green".

They created the term " Depressed subcore" and after another demo entitled " Seasons" and a gig with "Love like blood" End of green signed a worldwide five album deal with " Nueclear blast records"

Their debute album Infinity was released in April 1996 and recieved great responses by both the fans, radiostations and the press all over Europe.

After just one album " End of green" and " Nuclear blast" parted! and the band found a new home on the newly founded label, "Subzero records" of their longtime producer " Ecki Erienbusch"

In 1998 they released the album, "Believe my friend" which is just as powerful and charasmatic as the album "infinity". Songs like "My friend", "Believe" and "Im waiting " gives great well written lyrics and wonderful tunes!

After the album a fifth member joined the band, Michael Setzer (guitar).
The 5 of them realesed the album "Songs for a dying world" with the label Silverdust and are currently mixing thir upcoming album "last night on earth"