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Encryptor Biography

Last updated: 03/22/2003 02:51:33 AM

Encryptor is a result of passion, dedication, and conviction for the genre of Death/Grind and for our personal beliefs. It stemmed from Phil's desire to produce extremely brutal and powerful music with a different kind of worldview and lyrics. Our mission is to help strengthen the worldwide death metal community for Christ as well as to provide people with intense death/grind without the unnecessary lyrics.


Phil: Drums, (guitars), Vocals
-PHIL is the main musician behind this band. He is 21, plays a Blue Pearl Export set, and funds band recordings and projects. He listens to Death/Black/Grind, and Doom metal, and is also part of the Black Metal band Sorrowstorm.Phil became an official Christian in 1997 and is also the replacement drummer for Ministros del Santuario in Panama. when Phil is not in panama, he studies at Eastern College (Pennsylvania, USA), pursuing a career in econ/finance. He is also the owner of Dysmorphic Records (ex-Laceration Productions) and a staff writer for Black Cauldron Extreme metal e-zine. His goal is to unify the industry, expand it, and help improve it.

-Pablo Moran is another member of this band. He plays guitars, lives in Panama, and is an expert in web publishing and design. He listens to Death/Black/Doom/Grind, and some soft music too.He is also the guitarrist for Ministros del Santuario and is part of the vision for an improved, expanded scene. He is 21 and is pursuing a degree in communications in the University of Panama.

-Elias Perez is the bassist for Encryptor and Ministros del Santuario. He is also a professional bassist for other bands which are not metal.

-Sibo is the backup vocalist, lives in a far away city in Panama, and listens to heavy stuff also. He is twin brothers with the backup vocalist for Senaquerib. Both are vocalists for Ministros del Santuario.


As stated before, we in Encryptor and our other musical projects are Christians devoted to Christ and to our brutal form of music. Since 1996, we have been playing for, helping, and witnessing to people in Panama and other parts of the world. Our goal is for as many people as possible to improve their lives by receiving Christ as their savior and possibly to enter into the same ministry that we are a part of. SorrowStorm will release a cd in 2002, and so will Ministros del Santuario.


Phil was having trouble finding musicians with his brutal close minded Death Metal vision, so he decided that he was going to do this by himself, until he received the cooperation of some current and ex members of Ministros del Santuario. Even though Phil was the sole founder of this project, Encryptor is now a 4 man band! Encryptor shed its powerful roots on December of 1999 in the idealistic mind of Phil. Three songs were recorded in January of 2000, three songs in July of 2000, and two songs in August of 2000. Now Encryptor has eight songs and released its first cd "Drowning in Flesh" which came out May 4, 2001. Encryptor is much more than a project, it is a very important part of the metal scene in Panama and Latin america. It is also an important member of the Christian heavy music scene, which is a subcategory of the secular metal scene. Even though there is a different philosophy between the secular and Christian scenes, they both complement each other. No scene is better than the other, just formed differently and for a different purpose. Anyone who criticizes the Christian music scene constantly and without doing anything for it will not be successful in what they do. When it comes to influences, Encryptor mixes many styles of death metal. In its first days, Encryptor was old school death metal with some grind and classic death metal. Even though it now retains a bit of what it used to be, Encryptor has changed in the direction of brutal death/grind with a hint of classic death metal in the vein of Incantation, Disgorge, Cinerary, and Suffocation. Nevertheless, the sound of Death Metal that you hear from Encryptor will not be heard again.