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Enchant Biography

Last updated: 02/07/2003 11:12:54 PM

Enchant is a musical sponge, absorbing inspiration, sounds and techniques from all over the place. Over the course of the band's six albums -- "A Blueprint of the World" (1994), "Wounded" (1996), "Time Lost" (1997), "Break" (1998), "Juggling 9 or Dropping 10" (2000) and "Blink of an Eye" (2002) -- influences as wide-ranging as progressive rock, metal, pop, alternative, grunge, and industrial have found their way into Enchant's constantly morphing sound. This openness to -- and eagerness to incorporate -- approaches from good music of all genres is one of several qualities which distinguishes Enchant as a special band.

Ironically, though from the San Francisco Bay Area, Enchant has enjoyed some success, so far, mainly in Europe, where they commenced their third tour in late October 1998 with Spock's Beard, and in support of Marillion. Highlights from previous tours have included a support slot with Dream Theater, in the Spring of '97. The ultimate goals of Enchant are to keep doing what they've been doing: to keep making music honestly -- adopting and filtering sounds and approaches that excite them, thereby continuing the push for a unique, unclassifiable band sound and identity.

Ted Leonard - (vocals)
Douglas A. Ott - (guitars)
Ed Platt - (bass)
Sean Flanegan - (drums)
Bill Jenkins - (keyboards)