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Eventually there comes a time when the hype on a band
becomes superfluous, and their status alone speaks volumes.
Such is the case with Emperor, the black metal gods hailing
from Telemark, Norway, who are without doubt the most
influential and respected band within their genre, having
launched a scene that is now beginning to burn its way out
of the underground charnel pit and engulf mainstream metal
culture in the blackest of flames.

Beginning life as a trio in the spring of '91 with Samoth
(drums/vocals), Ihsahn (guitar) and More...

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... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Beyond The Great Vast Forest performed by Emperor

"Beyond the great vast forest, surrounded by majestic mountains, dark rivers float like tears of sorrow." and "wolves... the children of the night" Pretty, pretty, isn't it? I was wondering where I've heard these before, until I realized it was in the 1992 Dracula movie. It's quite pathetic to borrow lines like that, if you ask me, and I can't imagine any self-respecting band doing this.

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