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Michael W. Smith Emmanuel Lyrics

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Emmanuel, Emmanuel
Emmanuel, Emmanuel
Wonderful Counselor
Lord of Life, Lord of All
He is the Prince of Peace,
Mighty God, Holy One
Emmanuel, Emmanuel

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Emmanuel | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/19/2004

I used to have a poster that said "I Am" and all the titles of God in all three different colors that hung on my wall. Prince of Peace, Morning Star, Alpha and Omega, The Beginning and The End and on and on. I remember Michael wrote this little melody and he litterally just looked Heavenward and went -Emmanuel, Wonderful Counsleor. He played it for Amy and she put it on her record. It was very simple. I like it because its "up" but I don't feel like it's irrevelant at all. It's an unusual Christmas song because usually Christmas songs are hymns or hymn-like and reflective-this is more of a proclamation.

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