Eminem Albums

  • Fucking Crazy Album
    Fucking Crazy
    Forget About Dre
    Green And Gold
    Nuttin' to Do
    Watch Dees
    3 Verses
    Scary Movies
    Get You Mad
    Fuck Off
    Hustlers And Hardcore
    The Anthem
    Busa Rhyme
    Flyest Material
    My Name Is
    5 Star Generals
    The Showdown

  • The Best Of Album
    The Way I Am
    The Real Slim Shady
    Dead Wrong
    Bad Influence
    If I Get Locked Up Tonight
    Stir Crazy
    Freestyle With Stretch
    Murder Murder
    Bad Guys Always Die
    Shit On You
    Turn Me Loose
    Just Don't Give a Fuck

  • Collision Course 3 Album (2/3/2014)
    Violent Rhythm
    Dead Space
    Hurt Locker
    Old Days
    False Flag

  • The Marshall Mathers LP 2 Album (11/5/2013)
    Bad Guy
    Parking Lot (Skit)
    Rhyme Or Reason
    So Much Better
    Rap God
    Stronger Than I Was
    The Monster
    So Far...
    Love Game
    Evil Twin
    Bonus Tracks
    Groundhog Day
    Beautiful Pain

  • Straight From The Vault Album (2/11/2011)
  • Recovery Album (4/29/2010)
  • Relapse: Refill Album (12/18/2009)
  • Relapse Album (5/1/2009)
  • Eminem Presents: The Re-Up Album (12/5/2006)
  • Curtain Call: The Hits Album (12/6/2005)
  • Encore Album (11/16/2004)
  • Straight From The Lab Album (12/1/2003)
  • The Eminem Show Album (5/1/2002)
  • Platinum Collection Album (12/1/2001)
  • Off The Wall Album (12/1/2000)
  • The Marshall Mathers LP Album (5/23/2000)
  • The Slim Shady LP Album (2/23/1999)
  • Slim Shady EP (Web) Album (12/1/1998)
  • Infinite Album (5/1/1995)

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    Reviews about Eminem albums
    god of hope n icon fo life | Reviewer: rahul gouri
        ------ About the album Recovery performed by Eminem

    no words fo him cz He's a livin legend wo keepin the hearts n lives of whole earth in his rap soul. m also one of'em who wud lke to touch him, feel him n produce by him.
    Really ! i mean c'mon how he talks wth our hearts, m wondred.
    i jst came to knw Rap God by his Recovery album n at tht moment i've decide tht i wnt to b a rapper
    He just given a new life to m. thr's a lot more stuff tht i hve to say but nt here , wil drop whn i become a professional rapper

    Long Live Rap God



    Read my reviewer | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Fucking Crazy performed by Eminem

    Marshall inspired and still does. He is the best rapper of this era. I like the way he does his stuff. I to listen to his best songs lose yourself, stan , the real slimshady, sing for the moment, spacebound, just to mention a few.

    EMINEM BIGGEST FAN EVER!!! | Reviewer: anastasia mathers
        ------ About the album Recovery performed by Eminem

    I love EMINEM!!!!
    I love all your albums and all your songs and I respect u a lot your music really speaks to me especially in recovery,i hope to meet you one day in person in my country!thanks for coming in my life and being my idol your are the best you are the real RAP GOD and nobody can bet you!i have always been a stan of eminem & without him i think i might lose myself.im not a fan of you im your biggest fan i cant live without you and your music only you makes me feel beautiful!allday everyday 24/seven im listening your music and im talking about you!!! YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION! Before i die i wanna see Eminem alive! SCREAMING SHADY TILL MY DIE! Don't care what the haters says because they have no idea what the fuck they're doing! eminem thanks for coming in my life and stuck into my heart i will always love youuuu!!! <3 <3 <3

    close to my heart | Reviewer: branaj
        ------ About the album Recovery performed by Eminem

    my biggest dream is to share a stage with u Eminem, you are the best rapper i have ever heard! u are my strength, my inspiration-like Kelly ft Wayne you are my motivation!! I loVE YoU

    The best Raper of all time Eminem his a Rap God | Reviewer: mpho kewu
        ------ About the album Encore performed by Eminem

    I always listen u everyday all your albums are great I'm proud of you eminem u delivery the food of our ears as we are your fans I love u so much you have best lyrics and the great voice there's no white man who can sing like u in fact all this rappers that are here on this game of rap no one will replace u, u are in top 4 of the rappers I believe u are number one thank u for good music u deliver for us and thank u for the greatest show u give us in Ellis park stadium on the 1st march last saturday it was my first time to see u live on stage I'm glad this year I got one opportunity one moment to see u live

    The best raper | Reviewer: Daniel tappa
        ------ About the album Recovery performed by Eminem

    Why would u do drugs any way they are bad for u and u still my favorite raper I listen to u every day only if u did not do drugs I always try to sing like u u are awesome if I could go to your concerts it would be amazing dont do drugs again please u inspire me come to Kenosha WI for your biggest fan dont forget about me and do better next album keep up the good work :)

    iluv eminem | Reviewer: rose
        ------ About the album Recovery performed by Eminem

    this is why i will always be a stan, eminem is the best he's a rap god, he's amazing and he got the best personality, the best lyrics, and the best rap, iluv u eminem i luv how good u r as a rapper, and i luv the real u. <3 <3

    Super album | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Curtain Call: The Hits performed by Eminem

    If eminem would to make an ulbum with songs like this he would shortly sell more than 3 million copies in it's first week n peaple would finally admit that he is better than 2puc and should be labelled as the greatest rapper of all time

    OMGZZZ | Reviewer: Ebony Carroll
        ------ About the album Straight From The Vault performed by Eminem

    I am fifteen yrs old n i propa luv eminem!! i saw u live n cried lyk a babi. U r awesome, OH OOBIDOO I WNA B LYK U, I WNA WALK LYK U TLK LYK U 2!!! LUV U EMINEM WISH WE WERE BEZZIEZ!!! I AM LYK A STAN, U WUD LUV ME I HAVE BARE SWAG, MARRY MI X X X

    EMINEM IS TOO GOOD!!! | Reviewer: T-FIVE
        ------ About the album Infinite performed by Eminem

    i think the people hwo has a problem with eminem's songs are idiots because he's the one rapping, he's the one who get's to make the lyrics not you, if you have a problem you can go suck kyle's flakie fat fucking dick ya fucking pricks, so let eminem rap his way and leave him alone like fuck man.

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