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Release Date: 12/18/2009
Tracks in Relapse: Refill: Disc 1:, Dr. West (Skit), 3 a.m., My Mom, Insane, Bagpipes From Baghdad, Hello, Tonya (Skit), Same Song & Dance, We Made You, Medicine Ball, Paul (Skit), Stay Wide Awake, Old Time's Sake, Must Be The Ganja, Mr. Mathers (Skit), Deja Vu, Beautiful, Crack A Bottle, Steve Berman (Skit), Underground/Ken Kaniff, Disc 2:, Forever, Hell Breaks Loose, Buffalo Bill, Elevator, Taking My Ball, Music Box, Drop The Bomb On 'Em

Relapse: Refill Album Tracklist

My opinion on why I think Eminem's Relapse Refill is amazing | Reviewer: JJ Hill | 6/11/14

I LOVE RELAPSE REFILL!!! It is my 3rd favorite album by eminem. I think refill is far better than the original relapse because it has
all the tracks relapse does but it also has 9 more tracks. The only songs on relapse refill I did not enjoy were bagpipes from baghdad, same song and dance, and we made you. When I heard those songs I said to myself what the heck is this crap? This is suposed to be a shady album, not some silly songs! But every other song on relapse refill just blew me away. There are songs with heart toching emotion, and violence from the heart with no filter. Beautiful is a very toching song, and it has a great beat along with a great toching story. My top 5 favorites from this album in order are 1. forever Ft. Drake, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne 2. Beautiful 3. Deja vu 4. crack a bottle Ft. 50 Cent, and Dr. Dre 5. Elevator. And to top it all off, relapse, and relapse refill are two of the coolest looking album covers I have ever seen.

My Review | Reviewer: Jon Lach | 5/16/14

Relapse Refill is in my top 3 favorite eminem albums. i my favorites from it were 3am, my mom, dr. west skit, hello, medicen ball, stay wide awake, old times sake, must be the ganga, deja vu, beautiful, crack a bottle, underground, forever, hell breaks loose, elavator, drop the bomb on e'm, taking my ball, music box, my darling, and be carfull what you wish for. So baciclly almost all of the were good. (The list above is not in order) My top 5 would have to be 1. Forever 2. crack a bottle 3.beautiful 4. deja vu 5. stay wide awake.

eminem = epic, and more on the song Beautiful | Reviewer: julz | 3/27/12

theres controversy over this album and the first relapse album as these albums i believe were good in there own ways. once again eminem made a perfect blend of violence, emotion (of all kind),and just rawness straight from the heart no filter. the song that spoke to me was Beautiful it was like a moment when i sat back closed my eyes and listened. the first time i heard this song i cried. that song and many others songs by Em ware song s thta pull you through as i said earlier in this reveiw raw emotion just pure raw emotion no filter

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