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Eminem Eminem Freestyle Lyrics

Last updated: 12/05/2012 03:08:50 PM

Artist: Tony Touch f/ Eminem

if najee is not doing good in school with his midterms
And hiring all girls as interns
If I don't like you, I'll snatch you outta your mic booth
While you're rappin and pull your right through the window and fight you
I'll take you straight to the pavement
Uppercut you, and scrape your face wit a bracelet
Like a razor that shaved it
Three drinks and I'm ready to flash
Runnin on stage in a G-string, wit a bee sting on my ass (Look!)
It's probably all cuz I ain't awkward at all
I just like to walk through the mall, stop, and talk to the wall
And have a relapse after I just fought through withdrawl
(Hop in the car little girl, I just bought you a doll)
The Bad and Evil movement is comin
Plus the music is pumpin like a pill freak wit a tube in his stomach
I write a rhyme a day
So it's no wonder how come your whole album
Is soundin like a bunch of shit that I would say
Whether it's one verse or one letter
I'll probably be the cleverest one that never gets spun ever
It's Slim Shady and Tony Touch, it's only us
The rest of y'all are just stuck in the middle wit Monie Love

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Holler | Reviewer: Nikotine | 12/5/12

I'll spit a freestyle rap better than the last man on the mic blastin
Leave you gaspin like a carbon tax got passed in
Save your breath, please leave, you too whack, I'm passed politely askin
The crowd won't stick with you, like Michael jacksons last skin grafting

step to me | Reviewer: michael | 6/2/10

you better take a second to accept defeat if you dont come correct then dont come steppin to me if you wanna step then ima knock you off of your feet yea swagga mike i aint gonna say it again if you step to me its gonna be the end i leave a knife in your cheast and a bullet in your head ill leave you in the road left for dead

lyrical slashin | Reviewer: Beau Dangerous | 11/21/08

these cats only dope off a temperary life style,I am after bigger things that dont catch a case locked up and police files to trials,so I slap the mic with so much amunition,that I rip you up like mandingo dose in a pussy fuckin position,look listen yah too negative to like My flow,but you be the same person in future to bite my flow, it must be teething time you can resite my flow keep it but you will never master the nice in my flow

back up written by roger | Reviewer: roger | 5/13/08

alright look
im sittin at charlie biggs chicken cookin this mother fuckin chicken nigga not selling a fucking dime nigga so back the fuck up before i fuckin kill ya nigga so you think you gonna pull the ak out huh well nigga ya better be faster than me cuz im bout to pull my nine out bust a couple caps in ya ass nigga and i dont care what none of ya people think cuz ima kill them right along with you nigga and i dont care what you say ima be fuckin ya bitch in the back of the store and everybody be like what the hell that noise and im like motherfuckers stay where you at you not wanna see this shit wit my mother fuckin 10 inch and afta work im be smokin on the bud nigga sippin on that liqior nigga so back up before you face gets smashed in

The running pants. | Reviewer: Ke-double L- sey | 4/19/07

I like pants. I dont know how I'd survive wihtout them.