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Release Date: 11/16/2004
Tracks in Encore: Curtains Up (Encore Version), Evil Deeds, Never Enough, Yellow Brick Road, Like Toy Soldiers, Mosh, Puke, My First Single, Paul (Skit), Rain Man, Big Weenie, Em Calls Paul (Skit), Just Lose It, Ass Like That, Spend Some Time, Mockingbird, Crazy In Love, One Shot 2 Shot, Final Thought (Skit), Encore / Curtains Down, We As Americans, I Love You More, Ricky Ticky Toc

Encore Album Tracklist

The best Raper of all time Eminem his a Rap God | Reviewer: mpho kewu | 3/7/14

I always listen u everyday all your albums are great I'm proud of you eminem u delivery the food of our ears as we are your fans I love u so much you have best lyrics and the great voice there's no white man who can sing like u in fact all this rappers that are here on this game of rap no one will replace u, u are in top 4 of the rappers I believe u are number one thank u for good music u deliver for us and thank u for the greatest show u give us in Ellis park stadium on the 1st march last saturday it was my first time to see u live on stage I'm glad this year I got one opportunity one moment to see u live

UR STILL D BEST | Reviewer: LUCKYJUNIOR | 6/30/13

ur stil d best lik i said earlier,d album is lik a bomb cos d tracks u realize confort me when am sad cos ur lyrics have too many meaning eg. mockingbird,scream one last time,cleaning out my closet.less i forget big thanks to Dr dre and 50 cent.bye..

Eminem show | Reviewer: Nhlakanipho aka Johnny boy | 4/19/13

Eminem you are the best man no metter what they say man your music makes sense its about life I've been your fan since I was 7 years old, I like what you do man im still your biggest fan, Eminem, Dr dre and 50 cent you are the best guys with the best producer in the world who knows hip hop Dr dre.

Clement *Slim Shady* Walker | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/5/13

Marshall Mathers Bruce(Emin3m) is my motivator nd a role model,ur de best idol de world has evr had,ur music has meaning nd a powerful message,iv bin ur fan since I ws 6yrz old,nw am 22.Wen days r dark or bright I alwyz turn 2 ur music,especialy wen am hurt coz ur music has a way of healing my heart wen tornished.

The Eminem Show | Reviewer: kedrick | 10/18/11

Em is my favorite rapper 2nd by 50, cent.but I like slim shady than em & M matha's whenever Em is been ft'd in de song I only listen to his part. His my longest white american rapper in de entire world, I still ask myself way Slim Shady raps like a blackrapper.yo u are de best u sing about reality and life (dedication to those who hate u just listen to de song THE WAY I AM)

you inspired me | Reviewer: will | 12/12/10

yo, eminem is the coolest rapper out there. if he wasnt around i would have nothing amazing to listen to. kanye, 50 cent, lil wayne, there all good but nothin beats eminem. if it wasnt for him i wouldn't have the confidence to make my own raps. keep it up man.

encore | Reviewer: celeste | 6/22/10

to me encore so far is eminem's best album..i know he has many more to come.i'm like ure biggest fan an no matter what people say you are still my idol.eminem i love that you speak your mind an dont have a care in the world what other people say. your music has meaning an it an passion in every word you rap..i love you man..

eminem | Reviewer: Sarah | 12/5/09

eminem is the best rapper ever. all his songs have a meaning to it. some people dont understand the consept of eminem, they think he is a load of crap, but he's not. i love him and he is my idol! all his songs are awesome and i love them all to! LONG LIVE EMINEM! marshel mathers and slim shadey. :)

Eminem say's what others only think | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/09

I think that Eminem is great, his songs all have a story, and a mesage, the songs can realy speak to you, em can rap serieusly, and he can rap about all the nonsence that there is, but his songs stay great, one after an other after an other and so on

Greetz; stuart, a Eminem fan from the netherlands

Encore | Reviewer: Hung | 3/28/09

This is the first rap album I have heard. that also really turned me into a rap fan. Though it took me 1 week to love it - that time i was a Linkin Park fan - but then I felt rap is tha best. Of course, Em Show is better, and many fans said that Em became softer and reviewer jen said he lost his illness. That's true, but i think he became softer means he became emore emotional. He lost his illness means he became more mature. Now I don't see a rebel of him, but a grown man, a more responsible father. And don't think he became so soft or not a rebel no more, "Mosh" proved he is a soulja.

Currently listening to this Album =] | Reviewer: CJ | 3/11/07

Personally, I love Eminem, whether his music be hard core rap shyt or soft still to the point rap, I dont think poeple should be hating on him XD he's awesome and has so far done better than most out there who call him down. Like he had the first Rap ablum of the year, no one else has done that before. I like all the songs on this album, they're all tight, Never Enuff, Encore/Curtains Down, and My 1st Single are my top favs from this Album though they're all great, if you disagree with what I think on Em, email me cuz I'll argue my point XD he's my Idol =]

I know you could've done better Em! | Reviewer: jen | 1/4/05

I'm a big fan of Eminem but now I am not as big of a fan.Why?He was out of the spotlight a while to make his cd,and I was so excited to get his new cd.When I did,I was dissapointed.He got even softer which i didnt think was possible,not to say that I wanted him hardcore like on his first 2 cds,I liked his tone on the Eminem Show.A lot of his songs on the album were bad,like "Rain Man" and "Big Weenie".I don't even like "Encore".He lost his "illness".It seemed like he didnt try as hard on this one cuz some of his songs were just about joking and didn't make sense (although I did like some of them).He should've replaced those shitty songs with better ones like "Like Toy Soldiers".That song was good along with "Mockingbird","Evil Deeds","Never Enough" (too short though!).

This album was still good nonetheless,fans should go get it. I listen to it a fair amount but I thought Eminem could produce better shit than this!I still LOVE you though EM!

p.s The first two songs on the bonus cd should've been on the real cd!They were good!It should've replaced the crappy ass songs!

Truly an Encore | Reviewer: Caine Ng | 11/12/04

Like its title, this album is indeed an Encore of Em's music-- from Haile's sentiments to bad-ass mockery. Em glides well into all the songs and managed to move his fans into the core of the song, as we fans, rap along with the lyrics on this web. Although it may not sound quite the same as Em's Show, new beats like Puke and Mockingbird will always be nice to play it alll over AGAIN. this shiiit'ssss tiiiggggght!

Nothing Beats It | Reviewer: Its Pittam | 11/9/04

This album is the masterpiece that we have all been waiting for, and eminem has done the world proud, well his fans anyway, this is a album that can touch your heart and make you feel like kicking someones head in and fuck your missis up all at one, he delivers every song with his clear, unbelieveable lyrics, he moks superman even though he just died and even says he killed him, this man pray;s on anyone if your dead or alive, it's funny as and is all good

the tracklisting on this site is GAY, its not right, it would have been if they used the tracklisting i submitted them but there you go, gooooons

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