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Release Date: 12/05/2006
Tracks in Eminem Presents: The Re-Up: Shady Narcotics (Intro), We're Back, Pistol Pistol (Remix), Murder, Everything Is Shady, The Re-Up, You Don't Know, Jimmy Crack Corn, Trapped, Whatever You Want, Talkin' All That, By My Side, We Ride for Shady, There He Is, Tryin' Ta Win, Smack That (Remix), Public Enemy #1, Get Low, Ski Mask Way (Eminem Remix), Shake That (Remix), Cry Now (Shady Remix), No Apologies

Eminem Presents: The Re-Up Album Tracklist

Eminem is tha legend | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/1/10

2 all those who say whack abt tha re-up go get re upd cuz man everythng is shady.God's-unit nd Devil's12 stil got it. These rapperz cuming out nw r whack ,especialy mr pussy pussy(lil wayne) plz tel me 1 song dat he dnt mention tha word p

Tha re-up | Reviewer: Hung | 3/28/09

Hmm, i think this album is not really an Eminem album and on the overview, the re-up is not so good, of course cuz it used to be set to be a mixtape. But in this album there are some good songs, really good, I have to say that. First is the single released "You Don't Know". Eminem's flow speed and skill is still incredible. 50 did not so well but acceptable. Ca$his didn't show much but Lloyd Banks did quite well. Next is "Jimmy Crack Corn", a good song, especially the hook. But the 2 best songs in this album are "No Apologies" and "By My Side" - yes, track 12 by Stat Quo. The Eminem we know has been shown in "No Apologies", still emotional. And Stat Quo rapped a storm in "By My Side", I didn't think that Stat Quo could rap this speed but he showed a stormy speed flow in "By My Side".

Fuck These Stupid Idiot Critics | Reviewer: Sam Tha Man | 2/27/09

What the fuck? You think this is a bad album then go write something better you fucken idiot critics. Eminem is a fucken legend and a hero and the new guys in his crew are real good too. He hasn't even tried hard at all except for writing the last track. Check out track numbers 2,and 12 (which is stat quo)- mad! and especially the last track no.22- no apologies- it is fucken mad! I admit that the Encore and The Slim Shady LP and stuff may be better but all people who think this album is shit should quick go lick a dick!

not.an.eminem.album | Reviewer: 210 | 11/3/07

this is not an eminem studio album it was first going to be a mixtape but had some good songs so they made it a shady records protional album. so basically everyone from shady records is on it just to get their names out and if they put eminem presents, then it would sell it went platinum already so it was successful. once again it isnt eminems album so eveyone relax the next eminem album will probably be great.

sicko | Reviewer: filterpixel | 7/23/07

damm!!!!!!!!this is gonna be the baddest album ever. the re-up album will make all you fake rappers wake up and learn!!!!!!!

about the album | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/21/07

I don't think his re up is good the album is so bad that I have just listened to it 4 several times but encore or curtain call I have listened many times.You can compare these albums and easily relise the difference.I think Em has made a big failure with the re up.I had hoped his re up would be a big icon but I have been disappointed.Ithink he is the best rapper of the world but the re up can't show that.

BADalbum | Reviewer: Jacky | 12/15/06

This album is pretty bad! These songs are so good especially thsoe beats! Em went all out on this album obviously! you should get it if you dont have it!

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