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Emily Haines is an artist that defies labeling. Frontwoman
for Metric, she is proud to release her debut solo album,
Knives Don’t Have Your Back this fall on Last Gang Records.
Written and recorded over the past four years in Los
Angeles, Montreal, Toronto and New York, the record sites
contributions from the likes of Scott Minor from
Sparklehorse, Broken Social Scene’s Justin Peroff, Stars’
Evan Cranley and Metric’s Jimmy Shaw. A distinct contrast
from Metric’s bold, danceable sound, Knives is an intimate
and subtle collection of More...

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Reviews about Emily Haines songs

Didn't mean that to sound conservative... But it did | Reviewer: Morgan P.
    ------ About the song The Lottery performed by Emily Haines

I didn't mean for my previous review to sound quite so over-the-top conservative. I do think it's about the notion of "free love" or the Sex and the City lifestyle. I think what Emily Haines is saying is that sleeping with a whole bunch of people is the new delusion of power and happiness according to Cosmo magazine, but it is not going to give you true gratification. Instead we'll be what we are: a generation of totally insecure women running from man to man looking for someone to love them.

interpretion | Reviewer: julaallen@gmail.com
    ------ About the song Our Hell performed by Emily Haines

i think of this in terms of people being in a relationship that is hardly bearable. i think that she is singing about realizing that it's painful once you look at how hellish our lives really are when closer examed. we're moderate and we modernize until we feel like we can live comfortably, until it's a good life when it's really not.

popular | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Our Hell performed by Emily Haines

this song seems to be about a friend, turning towards the "popular" crowd. and turning into a different person just so they can fit in.
and the person writing this song knew who was they're friend before and sees hows they have changed. and how its to late to get them back to who they really are inside.

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