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Emilio Rojas Biography

Last updated: 08/22/2012 05:31:29 AM

During a time when New York is struggling to break new artists, an unlikely face, from an unlikely place, has emerged. Rochester, New York, native Emilio Rojas is just that: The fresh face New York needs to reclaim a place in the forefront of the Hip Hop genre. In 2005, Emilio received a phone call from a friend asking if he would like to move to New York. After selling everything he owned, he was living in Brooklyn the next day. Since then Emilio has distinguished himself by releasing several critically acclaimed mixtapes, and taken his place amongst the most anticipated of up and coming artists.

Having a cosign from fellow Rochester-native, and Hiphop legend DJ Green Lantern, (who has worked extensively with Hip Hop greats Eminem, Jay Z, Nas, etc) has solidified Emilio’ s place among today’ s most buzzing artists. Together the duo have released two critically acclaimed mixtapes, The Natural and recent Life Without Shame , which feature production and guest appearances from Multi-Platinum and Grammy winning producers and artists, such as Boi-1da, The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Nottz, Needlz, B.o.B., Styles P, Killer Mike, Yelawolf, and more. Emilio is clearly in the company of greatness – but like any other rising star he is carving out a space uniquely his own.

Individuality is the driving force behind Emilio’s music. The only son of an American mother and Venezuelan immigrant father, his perspective reflects the growing biracial climate in the United States today. Couple that with the fact that his father left his family at a young age and you can identify the source of Emilio’s hunger. These themes are prevalent in his music, they are what make him so relatable. Emilio speaks for those who up until now have had no voice, and he does not shy away from the taboo or controversial.

It is that approach that sets him apart. His willingness to candidly discuss topics that most people tuck away, but present them in a way that you can play on the radio or even at a party. These are the qualities of a great artist. Emilio can go in any direction, and at his current rate, he is on course to make a permanent mark on the industry, and more importantly continue to grow with his fans.