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"Emo" has so quickly become the trendy new music catchphrase for the recent influx of rock resurgence that it has nearly lost its entire significance as the emotional filled rock it originated from. So many bands have been quick to claim the title, yet hold it with little or no passion. Enter Emery. Not only are they recapturing the definitive meaning of the genre by abounding deep emotion between their intense variance in dynamics and layered vocal beauty, but their feelings are backed by passionate beliefs in love, faith, and hope, making their emotions not only compelling, but full of genuine sentiment as well. And "genuine" is a prime adjective that comes to mind upon meeting the six gracious, southern-bred boys that comprise Emery. Whereas some groups save their passion for the stage, Emery's enthusiasm is relevant both in and out of the spotlight. "We wanna show people that love is the greatest thing, not in a worldly way, but just a compassionate way. That's our message,? explains drummer, Seth Studley. And with their recent signing to Tooth & Nail Records, their opportunities to reach a larger audience with that message are growing. Begun in South Carolina, Emery was formed when the six recent college graduates decided to pursue music full-time. Upon making their decision, they also uprooted to move across country to Seattle in search of a more diverse music scene. "We actually left for Seattle at 7:30am on September 11, 2001," recounts Studley, "We didn't hear about the attacks (on the World Trade Center) until we were in North Carolina. We stopped to get some food and the waitress, who was somehow misinformed, told us that tourists were attacking New York. We later found out that she meant terrorists. It was an intense day to move across the country." The intensities become more positive as time passed and the band settled to find their niche in the Seattle music scene. In a matter of months they had won over the staff of Seattle-based Tooth & Nail Records, signed a deal, and recorded their upcoming debut album entitled, "The Weaks End? at Black Lodge Studio in Eudora, Kansas with producer Ed Rose. The songs, carrying a perfect blend of all the depth of hardcore stylings layered with delicate melodies and often times fragile vocal overtones, are not only beautiful but also meaningful. Look for their debut album, "The Weaks' End," in stores January 27, 2004.

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hahaha hands down. | Reviewer: becs | 12/3/09

i listen to this band every day! its all about dont bore us get to the chorus! that was like the first song i heard from them and after that it was all over..i got into all of their songs. yes saw them twice energy ah-may-zz-ing!.

emery is amazing <33 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/8/07

they have so much passion in their music
it amazes me,
cause not a lot of bands do nowadays.

they are addicting and their newest album
i'm only a man is great too!
i really recommend everyone to listen

TOTALLY | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/07


emo goth | Reviewer: t_nieL | 7/6/07

i love their song n their lyrics so much although 8 1st i thought it was bored,but i'm wrong..they're quite good..emo muzix 4 life..

Emery^^ | Reviewer: Sonny | 6/7/07

Emery is one of the best emo band i ever heard. so is also Thursday, Alesana and Just Surrender

the best. | Reviewer: Luana | 2/13/07

emery is a great band with awsome lyrics!
listening them makes me feel so much better..

emery for life. the best band ever..

LOVE! | Reviewer: Ann-Marie | 1/29/06

i pretty much love emery A LOT!

my name is ann-marie and if you say it fast enough it sounds like 'emery'.
and i fell in love with this band the first time i heard them.

they are amazing.
plus. they named a song after me.

Emery | Reviewer: Amanda | 12/13/05

Emery is a really good and talented band and if you dont like it take your opinion elsewhere. Thankyou!


Emery is shit. | Reviewer: Paul Blest | 11/19/05

This band, is not worth your money. Listen to The Blood Brohters, Thursday, Circle Takes The Square, and Hot Cross instead.

EMERY IS AMAZING | Reviewer: mike | 10/27/05

If you havent listened to emery yet start and you will instantly listen to them every single day.If you have the chance see them live the energy at their shows is amazing.

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