Emerson Drive Lyrics

Brad Mates, vocals
Danick Dupelle, guitar
Jeff Loberg, bass
Chris Hartman, keyboards
Pat Allingham, fiddle
Mike Melancon, drums

"Ours is the atomic bomb of work ethics," says Emerson
Drive bassist Jeff Loberg, summing up both the energy and
determination of this country band. It's a bold statement,
but Loberg and his five bandmates have no doubt earned the
right to make it. "We're survivors," he says, "the essence
of road warriors."

That ethos goes a long way toward explaining the success of
an outfit that got its start in the western More...

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Review about Emerson Drive songs
We’ve All Had Our Moments | Reviewer: Randy Ehrler
    ------ About the song Moments performed by Emerson Drive

This song smacks me right between the eyes every time I hear it. It evokes in me such a tremendous feeling of compassion and empathy for others. I think that we – that I – forget about how much alike we all are. We want to believe that we are different, unique and special – and we are in God’s eyes, but not in this life. In this life we are all the same. We have all experienced a “moment in the son” we have all been loved, cared for, suffered, experienced heartbreak and tragedy. These things are not unique – they are a part of life.

How many of us, when we see a homeless person, think about the person they once were? Of their baptism, first communion, graduation or wedding day? Of the family that they have left behind – of the fact that there are people somewhere in this world who loved and cared for this person - that this is a person, with a story, a life – with moments all their own? I know that I don’t. I may feel sympathy, but I also judge, condemn or justify their current status – I place blame and fault upon them so that I might feel better – so I don’t have to look them in the eye and see that they are a son, daughter, husband, wife, sister, brother – someone in this world.

This song humbles me. It is too easy in this world, in this life, to begin to believe that we are above the strife – that we have saved enough money, gained enough status, build a solid enough foundation – that we are safely removed from struggle and pain. We all experience struggle and pain. Why? Why won’t it stop? When is it enough? When is it someone else’s turn?


Because we also experience love, joy, success and greatness – but we often do not see it because our focus is on not having gotten EVERYTHING we wanted – on being upset over having any pain whatsoever. We are in so many ways like children – spoiled children. We want the party to never end, and the clean up to never come.

This song fills me with the desire to get over myself. To release my worries and doubts – to remember that we are all trying our best, falling and getting back up – that we must turn to one another, not away. Our urge, in this world, is to move away, go to private schools, and surround ourselves with people like us – as a way of hiding from the riff-raff. We have tummy tucks, go on long vacations and buy new cars – chasing meaning and purpose through the material. It is all crap!

In the end, all that will matter is this:

“ For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me. “ – Matthew 25: 35-36

“ The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’” – Matthew 25: 45

In God’s eyes we are all brothers and sisters. When will we begin to treat each other as such? When will we stop seeing others as an opportunity to satisfy our own selfish wants? When will we begin to love one another as Christ loves us?

But this is difficult. Yes. But it is what I want more than anything. It is the vision of the world that I want to imprint in my children’s hearts - one of love and service over greed and selfishness. In today’s America, this is an uphill battle, but well worth the fight.

Peace & God Bless!

My summary of the song | Reviewer: Amber
    ------ About the song Moments performed by Emerson Drive

For me, this is what the song means.
The younger guy is going to the E. street bridge to kill himself. He gives the old man some change because he won't need it if he's dead.
I think the first coarse is simple enough..
The younger man was trying to find his neve to jump off. The look in his eye was the look of just wanting everything to end.
Next, the 'boy' says that he used to have a loving wife, but something happened to her and nows he's alone.
The old man tells the story of how he saved a young man from suicide.
hope this helped some of you...

Litte Confused | Reviewer: jayna
    ------ About the song Moments performed by Emerson Drive

I love this song.. it does break my heart. Some homeless people are not homeless by choice. I am confused though.. is this song about a successful son whose father is homeless and follows him to talk to him? Maybe I need to see the video to understand it completely.

Touched Me | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Moments performed by Emerson Drive

Oh, but dont you feel sorry for all of those people i mean how would you feel if you were starvin and didnt have a warm house to go to oh and miss little i use pucuation if u think i m dumb for not using it i just didn't want to use it. So, I'm not dumb see.

justmyluck is ignorant | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Moments performed by Emerson Drive

Your review is an insult. What do you mean "i dont agree with homeless people..." - how could this song touch you in the heart? I can't (yes, I use punctuation) wait for the day your world collapses and you're (puncuation, again) left homeless. You'd be surprised at how many homeless people know the difference between there, their, and they're. Look it up, fool.

moments | Reviewer: justmyluck
    ------ About the song Moments performed by Emerson Drive

this is such a great song along with the music video, though i dont agree with homeless people, there still people and have their "moments" it touched me in my heart that i never even knew was there emerson drive told a story and it was a very good one too

Astonishment | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Moments performed by Emerson Drive

I was amazed once I heard the tale end of the song. I didn't get to hear the ending the first time, but I could tell I would like the song. There are not many songs like this these days. I've also been surprised how many of Emerson Drive's songs I like?

This rox! | Reviewer: bubba
    ------ About the song You Still Own Me performed by Emerson Drive

This is an awesome song! It has a very catchy tune to it!!!!

*sings "I can go where I wanna go, do what i wanna do..."*

Hard hitting | Reviewer: Melissa
    ------ About the song Moments performed by Emerson Drive

This song just hits the heart and soul hard. I don't know how many times I've heard it, but everytime I cry. Any of us could be in the shoes of either man mentioned in the song. How many times have we all thought we weren't loved.

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Moments performed by Emerson Drive

This song is amazing. every time i listen to it I FEEL AS THOUGH i WAS THERE. the SONG REALLY MAKES THINK ABOUT WHAT i HAVE AND HOW i MIGHT NOT BE ThIS LUCKY.

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