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Beck Emergency Exit Lyrics

Last updated: 05/26/2013 06:41:18 PM

14 miles away from a landfill grave
Never pawned my watch and chain
To the landlord living inside my head
Never paid my rent till the lights went dead
Then I saw my sign comin up the road
A dead ditch waiting for to bury my load
On the avenues in the plain of day
I threw a roosevelt dime in a bucket of rain

Now hold your hand onto the plow
Work the dirt till the sun goes down
What's left of death is more than fear
Let dust be dust and the good lord near
It's a little too much to ask of faith
It's a little late to wait for fate
So tell the angels what you seen
Scarecrow shadow on a Nazarene

Kindness will find you
When darkness has fallen
Round your bed
Kindness will follow
Children will wander
The end

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I agree with the 'best song on the face of the planet' coment... | Reviewer: Adam | 5/26/13

It's either this one or This Mortal Coil's version of Tim Buckley's "Song to the Siren." Both amazing. I dreamnt I met Beck waiting in a concert VIP line last night (he was in line to see a band too). This guy is a paradox your have to embrace - and once you do, you will begin to understand the chasm of genius he conveys through music. Listen to the album 'Guero' ten times, then post here! This happens to be the best song off of that album, but there are a few other golden greats. Jack White (Raconteurs, The White Stripes, The Dead Weather)is another artist you may want to check out if you happen to like this track.

The best | Reviewer: Elora | 6/1/07

This is the best song on the face of the planet, no lie *nods*

Unique | Reviewer: joseph | 5/4/06

i find it very unique.. it's the first time i ever hear this kinda stuff! and i must say it is amazing :)
plus the guitar sounded drunk! that was awesome