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E.S were formed by Johnnie Athanasiadis (Guitars) in
1998.That time they had many appearances in clubs of
Thessaloniki but also a live appearance in the TV show
“Jamming” of the national channel ET 3. The first change
came when Jimmy Sandrazami took over the vocals and with
his active attendance the bands’ style changes more a lot
to the European one, always, of course, with the signature
of E.S. In constantly passed enough time searching for
members which could follow the group and could be dedicated
in this, not only musically, More...

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EMERALD SUN "the story begins" (debut album) | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song And the Story Begins... performed by Emerald Sun

WOW!!! What is that? Definitely the better stuff that I've heard lately! EMERALD SUN came to prove that as long as there are bands that love metal and they know how to perform it, this music will always have a great future. I really feel very lucky that I have this material in my hands. EMERALD SUN managed to create a masterpiece that sounds to my ears like HELLOWEEN in Michael Kiske's period at their best shape. They play pure Power metal with everything that's included into this title, strong and powerful, but also melodic and full of passion music, but above all with excellent compositions. The production is very good and the band shows a very solid face from the beginning until the end of the CD. I really can't mention any best moment because the whole result sounds great. This works has everything that is required for a remarkable release. Fast songs with nice melodic choruses, great ballads and excellent slow parts. I don't know what more to say about "The Story Begins". I just suggest everyone who likes the good power metal music, to get this material. The best gift you can give to yourself. AMAZING!

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