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Embracing Biography

Last updated: 01/03/2010 11:00:00 AM

In the fall of 1992 five friends wanted to start a band and play the most brutal music like their idols: Unleashed, Hypocrisy, My dying bride, Dismember, Bolt Thrower and Grave. They named the band BEYOND.

About two years after the creation of BEYOND they changed their name to MISHRAK and recorded a demo called "Of beauty found in deep caverns". The music was a great mix between My dying brides slow parts and deathmetal with much double-bass drumming. And Henriks deep vocals added a horror like feeling.

"...After we had recorded the demo we decided not to release it, because we didn't get the sound we wanted..."

So the demo was never released, even though some of the songs were of great quality. The time after the recording they only made some local live gigs and tried to come up with an idea of how they wanted to sound.

In the year of 1994 NAGLFAR wanted Mattias to join their band as a drummer, and so he did. After Mattias had been into the studio with NAGLFAR he knew that he could do so much more with his skill as a musician, so after the recording of "Vittra" he left the band to only concentrate and bleed for MISHRAK.

Peter Lundberg left MISHRAK because he wasn't really into rehearsing. And Johan Westerlund quit the band to play with OBERON. André knew a guitar player called Rickard Magnusson and so he joined the band.

They made some songs and raced into a studio nearby. The music was now extreme and sick, but beautiful deathmetal. Meanwhile in the studio Mattias came up with a new band name: EMBRACING. The demo was named "Winterburn".

They sent the demo to a couple of record labels and got answers from many of them, but chose INVASION because of the deal. After a little time in the rehearsing room 10 songs were finished and it was time to enter a studio called Dunkers. Mattias was sick during the drum recording, but still manage to perform well. Jens Kidman from MESHUGGAH was behind the recording buttons most of the time. He told when they could do things better and so on...kind of produced a little. And the final result was great! The album was named "I bear the burden of time" and got great respons from distributors and other labels. For example it got 8,5 out of 10 in ROCK HARD. Pretty well for a debut album.

After the record was released, the guitar player Rickard quit the band because he had other things to do. The bass player Ola changed from bass to guitar and so they took in a close friend called Mikael Widlöf on bass. He had for a long time wanted to play in the band.

One year later after their first release they once again entered the studio XL, and recorded a new album with 11 tracks called "Dreams left behind". Just a few days before the recording the singer Henrik had to leave the band because they didn't like that he never showed up on rehearsals. The music was now very variated with alot of changing vocal styles and spookie riffs. All the unique mixtures is there in the songwriting and they are now turning to a very progressive and high skilled musical level.