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Danny McNamara - Vocals, Guitar.
Richard McNamara - Guitar, Vocals, Percussion.
Mickey Dale - Keyboard, Guitar, Percussion.
Steve Firth - Bass.
Mike Heaton - Drums, Percussion, Clarinet.

Embrace are Danny McNamara (vocals), Richard McNamara
(guitar), Mike Heaton (drums) and Steven Firth (bass), a
quartet from various towns surrounding Leeds, who have only
just played their twelfth gig together but have already
come up with a sound that is as all-encompassing as their

The foundations of Embrace were laid eight years ago when More...

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Review about Embrace songs
well.. | Reviewer: Jane Doe
    ------ About the song Nature's Law performed by Embrace

i first heard this song in 2006 when i fell in love with someone that is impossible and/or inappropriate for me to have. and it was very important for me to stay away or else i ruined his wonderful life.

I actually wrote this line to him:
"I’ll live with never knowing, if knowing’s gonna change,
I’ll stop the feeling growing, I will stay away,
Like a broken record stuck before a song,
A million beginnings, none of them the one."

been fighting this feeling since 2006 until now 2014.
might not gonna stop.

A confession with Embrace | Reviewer: Ervin
    ------ About the song Nature's Law performed by Embrace

To my Vivi, I made this happened! I`m sorry for what I`ve done in 2009!
This is the biggest mistake I`ve ever done!
Please forgive me! :(

♪♪♪ You build me up, knocked me down,
But I will stand my ground,
And guard this light that I’ve found.. ♪♪♪

Touching, Beautiful, Sad | Reviewer: Danielle
    ------ About the song Nature's Law performed by Embrace

This song touched me the minute I heard it. In fact, I felt like crying. It put into words what I couldn't even begin to explain. It's sad, touching, beautiful, and holds such strength despite.
I've fallen in love with my best [girl]friend and, though it's been over a year, and I've tried to accept my love is unrequited and move on, the feeling just doesn't go away--as the lyrics go, "I tried to fight the feeling, the feeling took me down."

wedding song, love song, does it matter? | Reviewer: dbgtsaiyan
    ------ About the song Gravity performed by Embrace

Funny how people make comments whether this should be a wedding song or not or if it's a love song or not. It's all on how you interpret this song. I just came across this not too long ago and didn't realize it was this old. Regardless how you veiw this, the song is amazing in it's own way.

Great Song | Reviewer: asnerasner
    ------ About the song Nature's Law performed by Embrace

am i the only guy here? well anyway, great song from embrace, i like it so much specially the part "soon you'll rise again again again" and the video is also great... nothing much to say 5 stars from my music collection

... | Reviewer: Leni
    ------ About the song Nature's Law performed by Embrace

Fought these feeings for 3 years now, head over heels for someone completely innapropriate.
Sometimes you have to fight nature's law if, when you follow it, that person you love will get hurt...
Love this song so much, made me cry firt time I heard it on my iPod. He was there and he asked what was wrong and I couldn't tell him, and it made me cry more because he will never know.
Anyway. Brilliant song...

gravity | Reviewer: jo
    ------ About the song Gravity performed by Embrace

just love it...but yeah, it would be sad if it became cliche...but then again if so many people love it then there is nothing stopping them from using it at their wedding....but personally i'm going to use 'smack my bitch up' by prodigy at my wedding...for comic value :P

Perfect Song | Reviewer: Liz
    ------ About the song Gravity performed by Embrace

We were looking for a song for our wedding 25/06/05 and my hubby asked me to listen to this one. When I listened to the words it was perfect..... now when we hear it it brings back the happiest of memories.... this song means so mush to us... you can also hear it on loads of programmes ,,,

its a belter | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Gravity performed by Embrace

Absolutly love this song, the words are gorgeous and i don't care what anyone says i can't wait to have this as my 1st dance at my wedding. It's nicer than any of the cheesy stuff folk pick, its the music we like and we'll have it on our day followd by chasing cars!!

Simply brilliant | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Gravity performed by Embrace

Kind of like Hurt by Johnny Cash. Not Cash's own words, but made his all the same. This is a superb song written by Chris Martin, yet made Embrace's own. The song i'll always remember in my head as the song I listened to as I drove to be married. Gorgeous!

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