Embrace Albums

  • Embrace Album (5/13/2014)
    In The End
    I Run
    Follow You Home
    At Once
    Self Attack Mechanism
    The Devil Looks After His Own
    A Thief On My Island

  • This New Day Album (3/27/2006)
    No Use Crying
    Nature's Law
    I Can't Come Down
    Exploding Machines
    Even Smaller Stones
    The End Is Near
    This New Day

  • Dry Kids: B-Sides 1997–2005 Album (10/31/2005)
    The Shot's Still Ringing
    Flaming Red Hair
    How Come (Live)
    Dry Kids
    Butter Wouldn't Melt
    Too Many Times
    Maybe I Wish
    Free Ride
    Feels Like Glue
    I've Been Running
    Brothers And Sisters
    Milk And Honey
    The Way I Do
    Love Is Back

  • Out Of Nothing Album (9/13/2004)
    Looking As You Are
    Wish 'Em All Away
    Spell It Out
    A Glorious Day
    Near Life
    Out Of Nothing

  • If You've Never Been Album (10/30/2001)
  • Drawn from Memory Album (3/27/2000)
  • The Good Will Out Album (7/28/1998)

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    Reviews about Embrace albums
    Driven by a higher aspiration and call to be the one with the supreme divine. | Reviewer: Dibyayan Mukherjee
        ------ About the album The Good Will Out performed by Embrace

    As review i can only write one simple line i.e. A band like EMBRACE and an album like the GOOD WILL OUT will happen only once every 50 years. You might say that i am a blind following fan of EMBRACE and if i am so i am proud to be so. All you good good people out there i request you to buy listen and support EMBRACE and make the world a better place in the future. Life is short but its never the end the circle goes all way to infinity.

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