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Aphasia Embers To Ashes Lyrics

Last updated: 08/19/2004 08:03:20 PM

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Captive in this uncreative hole
Again today
But this time I swear it got so bad
That I almost walked away
Nobody's gonna stop to wonder why
Nobody's gonna catch us if we leave tonight
So Burn it down with me
I want to stay awake
So I don't miss the sound
As the embers turn to ashes on the ground
Burn it down with me
Cause I hate where I am right now
But I love where I could be
If you burn it down with me my friend
Tonight we'll up and leave
Nobody's gonna stop to wonder why
Nobody's gonna notice if we leave tonight
Oh to be young and locked away
The freedom I lose if I stay
The school that is burning
The work place that's fallen
This thought has been turning me on

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