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Emarosa is a 6-piece post-hardcore band from Lexington,
Kentucky. They have released an EP, entitled This Is Your
Way Out, recorded and produced by Joey Sturgis. Emarosa was
originally signed to Standby Records but due to releasing
troubles with their EP they signed to Rise Records
alongside bands such as Drop Dead, Gorgeous, Before Their
Eyes, The Devil Wears Prada, At the Throne of Judgment, and
Catherine. They were originally named Corsets Are Cages,
but changed to their current name about a month before they
released their EP. More...

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Review about Emarosa songs
Jonny Craig's Voice = AMAZING. | Reviewer: ammyxoxo
    ------ About the song Set It Off Like Napalm performed by Emarosa

I love his voice !! <3 I've seen him twice, once with his new band Dance Gavin Dance, and I just saw him this month too, the eighth. It was kinda dissapointing 'cause all he sang was four or five songs. But it matters not, I guess...
Anyways, I loved him in Emarosa, and I love him with DGD too. But this song is one of my favourates that he's sang. <3

This is me | Reviewer: Kai
    ------ About the song Pretend.Relive.Regret performed by Emarosa

I love this song so much because it describes my life all in one song. I think it's a really good song u just have to think about the lyrics a little bit and then u get how sad it really is and how true it really is. :)

I love it :) | Reviewer: Monica :)
    ------ About the song Set It Off Like Napalm performed by Emarosa

This song makes me so happy and I have no idea why. Lol. I heard it on the Warped Tour compilation cd from 2010, and it was the first song I really got hooked on. Being a guitar player, it's a great song to work on (Mainly cause I SUCK, but oh well). :)

LOVE | Reviewer: ChrisValentine
    ------ About the song Set It Off Like Napalm performed by Emarosa

"I am the boy who sets your girl on fire
and when she dances oh she knows it's right.
we'll send them all to hell"

Best part of the song, how he says "hell" the third time.
I'm completely straight, but that is a sexy way to say hell! lol

Beautiful. | Reviewer: Erix
    ------ About the song Armageddon performed by Emarosa

This part of the song is sick

What have I become? I try so hard just to forget
Before the crowd of a silent mouth like air so thin in a dream of drowning
You'll find yourself inside this moment and confess that you're at war
With what keeps you breathing

a pretty good song..... | Reviewer: Sam
    ------ About the song Set It Off Like Napalm performed by Emarosa

it's a great song with a great beat, but the lyrics don't mean very much to me personally. this is a great song (no offense) coming from a band that is considered a little less popular than kanye west (inside joke LOL!). i started to fall for these guys and my friends love them almost as much as i do.ur welcoms for the comment.
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