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The band was founded in spring 1996. In April 1997 Elysium
entered New Project Studio and recorded 7-piece material
entitled "Sunset". It was released in October 1997 (limited
edition - 750 copies). Without any financial support the
band released "Sunset" in MC format. It was distributed in
10 European countries (e.g. Norway, Italy, Greece,
Lithuania, Russia, Germany, Finland) and got very
enthusiastic reviews in the underground music media.

In fall 1997 the band was joined by Jakub Jasic (guitar)
and Elysium started to work on the More...

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THE SWORD OF CHANGE | Reviewer: Dalvinder Basi
    ------ About the song Venus Project performed by Elysium

This is a poem that i dedicate to the Venus project ,of which i am a great suppoerter


Through the lands of Europe it will gleam like the winter sun
Through the lands of the east it will sparkle like the summer sun
Through the lands of the Americas and Africa it will pierce like the desert sun

It will not appear from the sheathe of its occupants until they are injured and done
They will except the burning sword of greed and quench it with there blood
When it enters they will accept the jagged sword of ignorance and break any imperfection as it comes
They will accept the dense sword of dogma and thin it with there boundless heart

It will not slay man or beast
It will lift both rich and poor
It will shred the darkness , to shed light

When the sword of ignorance is done , then the sword of knowledge and hope will strike
Firstly through the through the luscious grasslands of Europe it will move gleaming under the winter sun
Then it will move through the dry dusty plains of the east sparkling like the summer sun
Then through the parched deserts of the Americas and Africa it will run piercing , as the dessert sun

Posted by Dalvinder Basi at 14:11
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