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Elysium Biography

Last updated: 04/20/2011 12:00:00 PM

The band was founded in spring 1996. In April 1997 Elysium entered New Project Studio and recorded 7-piece material entitled "Sunset". It was released in October 1997 (limited edition - 750 copies). Without any financial support the band released "Sunset" in MC format. It was distributed in 10 European countries (e.g. Norway, Italy, Greece, Lithuania, Russia, Germany, Finland) and got very enthusiastic reviews in the underground music media.

In fall 1997 the band was joined by Jakub Jasic (guitar) and Elysium started to work on the material for their first full-length. After a few line-up changes, in March 1999 they entered Manek Studio and during 3-week recording session recorded "Dreamlands" (produced by Arek "Malta" Malczewski). The album consisted of 10 brand new pieces, and the keyboards parts were recorded by Piotr Dorotniak from Moonshadows. Soon after the recording Elysium played a couple of successful gigs with Christ Agony, Lux Occulta, Behemoth, Trauma and Neolith.

"Dreamlands" was released by Morbid Noizz Productions in February 2000. Again, the reviews in the underground, as well as official music press were very positive (10 out of 12 points in Thrash'em All Magazine and 4th position in its readers' poll in "Best Album of 1999" category). In June / July 2000 the album was out in Europe thanks to Swedish label Black Mark Productions (Bathory, Necrophobic or Edge Of Sanity). The album was well received abroad (7 out of 10 points in Rock Hard).

Spring 2000 was the time of line-up changes again - Mariusz Bogasz (dr) was replaced by Maciej Oryl (previously in thrash metal band Tarot and W.A.R.N.) and Jakub Jasic - by Bartek Nowak (ex-Vassago and Numen). The debut was promoted by gigs with Behemoth, Asgaard and Driller Killer (Swe), among others. In August 2000 Elysium performed at 2nd edition of Thrash'em All Festival in Olsztyn with Vader, Behemoth and Yattering, to name the most famous ones. In May 2001 the band celebrated their 5th anniversary, giving a great show in "Forty" Club (Wroclaw) with Behemoth, Eternal Deformity, Lost Soul and Witchmaster.

In August 2001 the band signed a long-term deal with Metal Mind Productions. Elysium entered Manek Studio again, where the recording session for "Eclipse" started. The album was released in December 2001. It was promoted by gigs with Misteria, Devilyn and Trauma. In June 2002 they played their first tour with Vader, Hate and Azarath, during which they gave 8 gigs, with the overall audience of 3.500 maniacs.

Just before the tour Bartek Nowak was replaced by Michal Wlosik (ex-Ascaris). In February 2003 the band started to record "Feedback" (Tower Studio, Wroclaw).

Live premiere of the new stuff took place on 5 April 2003, when Elysium performed as the second stage headliner at Metalmania - the biggest metal music festival in Central-Eastern Europe.