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Elvis Aaron Presley, in the humblest of circumstances, was
born to Vernon and Gladys Presley in a two-room house in
Tupelo, Mississippi on January 8, 1935. His twin brother,
Jessie Garon, was stillborn, leaving Elvis to grow up as an
only child. He and his parents moved to Memphis, Tennessee
in 1948, and Elvis graduated from Humes High School there
in 1953.

Elvis’ musical influences were the pop and country
music of the time, the gospel music he heard in church and
at the all-night gospel sings he frequently attended, and
the More...

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Review about Elvis Presley songs
Tomorrow never comes | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Tomorrow Never Comes performed by Elvis Presley

Yes. One of Elvis best song indeed. I have heard it before but didn't paid much attendtion. Untill couple nights ago I went to see Elvis's Memories Concert in Chiangmai, Thailand. My friend is Elvis impersonator, House Presley, sang this sond. I like it very much. I have been listen for two days now. So I agree with you 100 %. Ome of the powecul song Elvis sang.

Give credit where credit is due: to Lieber and Stoller! | Reviewer: Ziggy Zanati
    ------ About the song Jailhouse Rock performed by Elvis Presley

The review box is not here for fans of Elvis Presley to venerate him. We are supposed to be writing about the merits of the song - not the singer. The song was written by two nice Jewish boys, Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. You might recognize them from the huge hits that they wrote and handed off to the Coasters. Love Potion #9 and Yakety Yak are two stirling examples of their ability to weave a story and create a vivid mental image of a situation combining poignancy and humor. Jailhouse Rock was chosen as the climactic act in the Blues Brothers Movie. Long live bumbling, lovable John Belushi!

I played it again and again in 1960. Drove my poor parents mad! | Reviewer: John Titford
    ------ About the song Lawdy Miss Clawdy performed by Elvis Presley

I've loved this song since I first heard it in 1960 - drove my parents mad with playing the track over and over and over again. The best! John Titford (England)

BEAUTIFUL! | Reviewer: Lee Gilkerson
    ------ About the song Hawaiian Wedding Song performed by Elvis Presley

The most beautiful (visually, as well as musically) song / scene ever! Elvis' performance, as always, perfect. My friend Terry Efaw also performed it perfectly as a finger-style guitar instrumental for Alex and Kathy's Hawaiian-styled wedding on Buckeye Lake's Lieb's Island!

Blessed | Reviewer: Dr. McD
    ------ About the song Crying in the Chapel performed by Elvis Presley

This song is one of my favorite for many year, I woke up this morning singing it and good old google gave me the words. This song has been a real blessing to me and now I am happy in the LORD as there is no joy outside of HIM.

extraordinario | Reviewer: " pepe "
    ------ About the song Promised Land performed by Elvis Presley

reunir a los dos mas grandes talentos del rock and roll, ha sido algo extraordinario, tengo 57 años de oir a elvis, y nunca me cansare de escucharlo, the best. sorry for the spanish

Correction | Reviewer: Dr.Sam Thailand
    ------ About the song Summer Kisses, Winter Tears performed by Elvis Presley

The 4th line" With dream of memories" Not trail of memories
The 5th line" Happy hour was all we knew" Not "Lonely years"
The 7th line"...the Summer song" not "...the summer sun"
The 8th line " Through all the wandering" Not "..the winter rain"
This correction from listening to Elvis's singing.
I love Elvis, too. and try to keep the originality.

a perfect g'nite song for kids! | Reviewer: nycstef75
    ------ About the song Cotton Candy Land performed by Elvis Presley

This song is so great and perfectly sung (as always) by Elvis. Its a cute song to song to your little one before bed. Be prepared to hum it for a while, as its a catchy tune! Love it.

Wonderful!!! | Reviewer: Greg
    ------ About the song Reach Out to Jesus performed by Elvis Presley

This is Elvis at his best!! Recorded Tuesday, June 8, 1971 at a high point in Elvis's fame. The studio out takes of this song are great, when they get the cords down and E gets into, it is very entertaining.

I love Elvis! | Reviewer: Tiegan
    ------ About the song The Lady Loves Me performed by Elvis Presley

I always have loved Elvis, oh, and by the way, I am a girl just to let you know, because a lot of people think I am a boy. I love these lyrics because they actually are close to the real song. I liked to sing it to myself and look at the lyrics because, lol! That is just me! Make more guys! Oh, and do you do Broadway? My sister wants to know.....

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