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(Black flash)
Black flash over my own love
Tell me of my eyes
Black flash come though my own life
Telling these things
And I believe them
And I believe in you

White flash sees the sky
And it turns its side from you
She won't turn my back
And I know you turn so blue
And you know
And your sky is feeling blue
And your heart
So cold when I'm with you
And you feel
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Like no one told you to
And your time is outside
And your time
Ah, don't talk to me
Ah, don't talk to me
Don't talk to me

You know
Like no one told you how
But you know
Though the king that has howled
But you feel like sentimental
But you don't care
If I just share it in your heart
(Heart, heart...)

So hopelessly
I'm breaking through for you and me
And you don't
Though no one told you to
And you found out
Where you were going, where to
You're through with me
But I know that you will be back
For more

And you know
And though no one told you so
And you know, blue sky
Like a harder shade of blue
And you walk
When you want
To let go
Me, I'm on the outside, tell me fade away
Drop me down but don't break me
In your sleep

In your sleep, inside
It's in your heart and mine
Whole sea is dark
It's in your heart and mine

Sweetly, those will come
Loving is on your side walking through
So let me in your heart
Your beat is like something...

They... run...
See say you're sad and reach by
So say you're sad above beside
Oh stay sad above beside
So stay sad above we said

You know I don't
No one told you how
(And you don't)
(And you wipe sweat off your white brow)
And you care
And no one told you tried
And your heart
Is left out from the side

And the rain beats down
And the shame goes down
And this rain keeps on coming down
And this sky

You know "S" "O" "N" "G", why
You're going go join to God
You know "S" "O" "N" "G", why
Give away some him no lie
Give away some my de day no

You know
And though no one told you sky
And you feel
Like you pretend you can
You say go, you live
Go live outside of me
Don't you leave
Don't leave out part of me
Then I can feel
Like I feel before
Like it hurt now
And I see the floor
If you pick me up
Bits and pieces on this floor

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Elvis Presley et al | Reviewer: Chris | 1/21/14

U2's older stuff is like a comfortable old shoe...just heard Elvis Presley and American on my Sirius xm radio and it reminded me of my college days when I would rewind this song multiple times in a row....lyrics, as written, are a bit of a mess but the song is haunting in the best way possible...what a beauty....

Majestical Interlude | Reviewer: KC | 1/10/14

I have NO CLUE what this song means but once the beat of Larry's drums, Bono's voice, Adam's base, and whatever gift Edge gives, all come together in my blood, its all I've got to keep from driving off the road. I love U2! They are the only group in this world that can get to me like they do! I just love them!

My favorite all-time U2 song | Reviewer: Bill Schlunz | 11/10/12

This is my all-time favorite U2 song - ever. I've been a big U2 fan since 1985. This is an old one from "The Unforgettable Fire" (1983, I think). It's an odd song that may be impossible to truly understand, so you go with your gut. It means what you believe. It's obvious that there's a lot of emotion & Bono sings his heart out in this song. However, what it has to do with Elvis, I'll never know.

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