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DECLAN MCMANUS'S father was a jazz bandleader, and he was
often given copies of the popular records of the day, which
he passed on to his son. It was these recordings by the
Beatles, the Kinks, the Who, and the stars of Motown that
instilled in McManus a love of rock and roll and laid the
foundation for his own musical style. When he graduated
from high school in Liverpool, he found a day job as a
computer operator (a profession that placed such a strain
on his eyes that he began wearing his now signature
glasses) and played clubs at More...

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Beautiful Tune - Right On Lyrics from Naive Rock Star The Bono of the 80s | Reviewer: John
    ------ About the song Shipbuilding performed by Elvis Costello

Robert Wyatt's Haunting Vocal is so good that I never really tried to listen to the lyrics properly, imagining that it was an elegy for a lost lifestyle, lost by changing times. In the context of the Falklands War it is plain daft, because the new ships built then have yet to be used in anger. Instead the it was the ships built in the years of relative economic boom for Shipbuilding before Thatcher that were lost.
Was it worth it? Taking the wages for building new warships is a no-brainer. A better question would be whether the loss of life in the War is worth the future mineral rights in the Antarctic that arise from keeping hold of the Falklands. I wonder if Elvis/Declan discussed this with his new friends when he started hanging around with the Country and Western people later on?

totally agree | Reviewer: sandra
    ------ About the song Tramp The Dirt Down performed by Elvis Costello

its a shame that people have such short memories. she destroyed the fabric of many communities, i shed no tears for her or her family, they got rich out of the suffering of many families here in u.k and in south Africa. its disgusting that the British tax payers were expected to pay for her funeral.

JeanHertz you are obviously not British. | Reviewer: martin
    ------ About the song Tramp The Dirt Down performed by Elvis Costello

jean i find your lack of knowledge about British politics a shame, i feel you have swallowed the Tory lies hook, line and sinker.as someone who lived and tried to find work throughout her suppression of the working classes, i find it quite sad that you feel she left the "UK in better shape" she sold off our national industries to her rich friends,sold our council houses cheap and refused to build more thus creating more money for her landlord chums, she introduced YTS schemes to make the unemployment figures look less.she introduced the poll tax (which in the end finished her). she agreed to pay policemen treble pay to go and break up the picket lines at the miners strikes, those miners where fighting for their lives,jobs,families and communities.she refused to impose sanctions on south Africa due to her husband Denis having millions invested there. she called nelson Mandela "no better than a terrorist" when her son mark was investigated for arms dealing!!!!. she was best friends with Reagan who was another war monger.
please lets not look at her life through rose tinted spectacles. tramp the dirt down is a fine song.

How subtle | Reviewer: JeanHertz
    ------ About the song Tramp The Dirt Down performed by Elvis Costello

Costello must have been really short on arguments to write such a vicious ad hominem attack. Costello is a musical giant, but politically, he's always been an ass.
Thatcher was reelected twice, and confortably, so it seems not everyone thought she was destroying the country. She took back the Falklands because the islands had been invaded through an unprovoked agression, so that doesn't make Thatcher a new Hitler. Likewise, Costello can't stand Israel defending itself, so we start to see a pattern there.
In any case, the UK was in much better shape when Thatcher left than when she became PM. Leftists will never forgive her for that.

i agree with iwasthere | Reviewer: damnright
    ------ About the song Tramp The Dirt Down performed by Elvis Costello

i have no sympathy for her, she destroyed British industry, she was not some saintly woman who put the good of the working classes on a par with the middle and upper classes.she tried to destroy the working man/woman "lest we get too big for our boots" its disgusting that we ,the tax payer paid for her funeral, she should of been buried in the bottom of a coal mine so she had eternity to think about how she destroyed the lives and communities of miners. god had nothing to do with her she was all devil.

changes | Reviewer: lawrencekedz
    ------ About the song Complicated Shadows performed by Elvis Costello

I've listened to 4 or 5 videos of this song. MR.COSTELLO does explore with different way to express his lyrics. I also found that in one version, he turned the arrangememt, in the verse around. Go ELVIS.

glad shes gone. | Reviewer: iwasthere
    ------ About the song Tramp The Dirt Down performed by Elvis Costello

i lived through her contempt for the working classes both as a schoolboy and as a young man trying to find work. she was a truly evil woman and the world is a better place without her.she refused to impose sanctions on south Africa because her husband had millions of pounds invested it their corrupt society, they wanted to suppress the black mans civil rights over there and thatcher wanted to suppress the working class over here.Minorkle this is nothing to do with god, god didn't give him talent!! he worked at it! you might as well say god made thatcher an evil,hate-full woman, likewise she worked at it.

Had no idea what this song was about. | Reviewer: Wayne
    ------ About the song Tramp The Dirt Down performed by Elvis Costello

So sad really. The human race needs repentance and to submit to God instead of money. You cannot serve two masters God & Money.
I like the sounds of the song. The story is rather deep and sad.

So Brilliant and so right | Reviewer: David.S
    ------ About the song Tramp The Dirt Down performed by Elvis Costello

Thatcher hated working people and helped people with money.She helped lay the foundation of the banking crisis by beliving in deregulation and allowing it.She thought we did not need heavy industry,shut our mines and started our need to import coal and gas.

margaret thatcher was a political whore | Reviewer: mark r
    ------ About the song Tramp The Dirt Down performed by Elvis Costello

After Margaret Thatcher was relieved of her position as P.M. She accepted a position within 5 weeks as a spokesperson for the TOBACCO INDUSTRY ----- All the misery, manipulation, lying, and torturous death that the tobacco industry denied before the American Congress was exposed by a whistle blower 60 minutes --- leading to the recovery of industry out light lies and manipulation in the name of MONEY...... The fact that Margaret Thatcher accepted MONEY to prostitute her name as their spokesperson should give any one on this forum insight into her true political motives while in power.

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