Elvis Costello Albums

  • Deep Dead Blue Album
    Weird Nightmare
    Shamed Into Love
    Deep Dead Blue

  • Wise Up Ghost Album
    Walk Us Uptown
    Sugar Won't Work
    Refuse To Be Saved
    Wake Me Up
    Stick Out Your Tongue
    Come The Meantimes
    (She Might Be A) Grenade
    Cinco Minutos Con Vos
    Viceroy's Row
    Wise Up Ghost
    If I Could Believe
    Bonus Tracks
    My New Haunt
    Can You Hear Me?
    The Puppet Has Cut His Strings

  • National Ransom Album (11/2/2010)
    National Ransom
    Jimmie Standing In The Rain
    Stations Of The Cross
    A Slow Drag With Josephine
    Five Small Words
    Church Underground
    You Hung The Moon
    Bullets For The New-Born King
    I Lost You
    Dr. Watson, I Presume
    One Bell Ringing
    The Spell That You Cast
    That's Not The Part Of Him
    My Lovely Jezebel
    All These Strangers
    A Voice In The Dark
    I Hope

  • Secret, Profane And Sugarcane Album (6/2/2009)
    Down Among The Wine And Spirits
    Complicated Shadows
    I Felt The Chill
    My All Time Doll
    Hidden Shame
    She Handed Me A Mirror
    I Dreamed Of My Old Lover
    How Deep Is The Red
    She Was No Good
    Sulphur To Sugarcane
    Red Cotton
    The Crooked Line
    Changing Partners

  • Momofuku Album (5/6/2008)
  • The River In Reverse Album (6/6/2006)
  • My Flame Burns Blue Album (1/23/2006)
  • The Delivery Man Album (9/20/2004)
  • North Album (9/23/2003)
  • When I Was Cruel Album (4/23/2003)
  • For The Stars Album (4/10/2001)
  • Sweetest Punch (Songs Of Costello) Album (9/21/1999)
  • Painted From Memory Album (9/29/1998)
  • Bespoke Songs Lost Dogs Detour Album (5/19/1998)
  • Extreme Honey-Very Best Of The Warner Brothers Years Album (10/21/1997)
  • All This Useless Beauty Album (5/14/1996)
  • King Of America Album (8/8/1995)
  • Kojak Variety Album (5/9/1995)
  • Very Best Of-1977-86 Album (10/25/1994)
  • Imperial Bedroom Album (8/30/1994)
  • Brutal Youth Album (3/8/1994)
  • The Juliet Letters Album (1/19/1993)
  • Mighty Like A Rose Album (5/14/1991)
  • Spike Album (3/1/1989)
  • Blood And Chocolate Album (2/1/1986)
  • Goodbye Cruel World Album (3/1/1984)
  • Punch The Clock Album (3/1/1983)
  • Almost Blue Album (3/1/1981)
  • Trust Album (3/1/1981)
  • Get Happy!! Album (3/1/1980)
  • Armed Forces Album (3/1/1979)
  • This Year's Model Album (3/1/1978)
  • My Aim Is True Album (3/1/1977)

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    Reviews about Elvis Costello albums
    Best of breed ! | Reviewer: Henrik V. Pedersen
        ------ About the album Brutal Youth performed by Elvis Costello

    I have refound my youth - my brutal youth - this is a fantastic album.
    Super lyrics and ┬┤melodies. Bougth the album in 1994 and still one of my favorit CD's. Crisp and crunchy super personal vocal with great arrangements.

    All These Useless Ballads | Reviewer: Kevin McCready
        ------ About the album All This Useless Beauty performed by Elvis Costello

    While this record contains some of Elvis's best lyrics, the music here feels a bit too dainty and precious. Complicated Shadows and Shallow Grave rock as hard as anything he's done, but why hold back one of the most propulsive backing bands of all time (The Attractions) in lieu of a restrained set of mostly dour meditations.

    I'll comment too | Reviewer: indigo grrl
        ------ About the album Spike performed by Elvis Costello

    This was one of the first albums I heard from Elvis Costello, and it started my love affair with his music.

    My favourite song off this CD is Chewing Gum...

    Almost Blue is fine music! | Reviewer: Paul
        ------ About the album Almost Blue performed by Elvis Costello

    Years ago, I bought the "Almost Blue" album, and within the last few years bought the extended CD. Under the guidance of George Jones' producer Billy Sherrill, Elvis did a fine job with some country classics from my childhood, plus a few rockabilly tunes and a few I'd never heard of before.

    Elvis' vocals on the tunes are compelling and have an urgency that add a lot. The backup musicians are good...the studio work is predictably good, and the live numbers are equally as tasty. It reminds me of an older Leon Russell album/CD "Hank Wilson's Back," where he too recreates some older classic country tunes.

    For Costello fans, or fans of 50's/60's C/W music, it's a good buy. Check it out folks.

    spike | Reviewer: rpink
        ------ About the album Spike performed by Elvis Costello

    This is one of the best albums in British music..i really love it! I'm surprised nobody left comments!!

    My favourite tracks are: Veronica, The Satellite & Last Boat Leaving (sad though its lyrics may be)

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