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Al Stewart Elvis At The Wheel Lyrics

Last updated: 02/04/2014 07:07:41 PM

That's an independed book store
The last one that remains
All the others you might look for
I'll be eating all my chance
So you run, no one claims the one how ...
And it was there, I write a story
So strange it must me real,
All the car in Arizona with all the suffer wind
He's loking up
The sky has something to revel
It is the face how left the joy and drifting clouds
Above the sleepy man for my feer
An unsuspecting cows
This is a sing from God, explain, this is a sing that nothing it does from of this life
Will be the same
It's a magic, evil moment
Ihe is shaking in his ..somehow...
And some true ..i look in other awsome ...
How must this be to feel such a passion
To be caught up in the swallow
Some might ...with fashion I'm thinking back to support
Look at the shines stars
Look at that women that doesdn's know that o love her
At it all