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Elvenking are formed in October 1997, iniziative of the
guitarists Aydan and Jarpen (once known as Dag'or'dil), old
friends who share the same passion for metal music and for
folkloristic traditions. The line-up problems the group has
to face in the early months are numerous, as are also the
changes in formation which impede the continuos activity of
the band. In March 1998, the singer Damnagoras joins the
band and only in the following September the group finds a
definite stability with the arrival of Zender (once known
as More...

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Reviews about Elvenking songs

Rocky... | Reviewer: Blackthorn
    ------ About the song Pagan Purity performed by Elvenking

More than a little Rocky, Elvenking apparently shoved a rocket up their asses for this number, and it's good. A little more fast-paced than any of the other tracks, but with some well-written lyrics, although the occasional fumble reminds you they're not english-speakers by birth.

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