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Damhnait Doyle Elusive Drug Lyrics

Last updated: 05/06/2004 10:56:47 PM

I'll be a life size
cutout of all your faults
open up your wounds
I will be the salt

no intermission
no time to rest
this is the real thing
this is not a test

you're the elusive drug
that keeps me from myself
when I reach for you
you're healing someone else
an addiction comes so sudden
oh, it comes so sweet
the elusive drug has me beat

your the epitome of
what you hate about me
you inspire me
to be more like you

and it pleases me
to see you so frustrated
growing intimidated, agitated
cause I'm just like you


and you pick on my imperfections
and you put 'em out on show
you're well worn crown of compliments
I will never know

chorus out