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Steven Paul Smith was born on August 6, 1969 to Bunny and
Gary Smith, who were then living in Omaha, Nebraska. About
a year later Elliott's parents decided to divorce. Bunny
moved to Texas, taking with her Elliott, who was raised in
the Duncanville area (near Dallas).

Asked about his earliest memory, he once replied: "Playing
on a gravel embankment next to a highway in Dallas. I found
a turtle, picked him up and he peed on my hand."

Technology was a challenge to which he rose at an early
age. "My first memory," he recalled on another More...

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Review about Elliott Smith songs
Opiates | Reviewer: Andrew
    ------ About the song Strung Out Again performed by Elliott Smith

Idk what the fuck you guys are saying when you think opiates are good. I'm an addict myself and tried many times to get off. And still no solace. Ive been to treatment twice and I still can't get it right. And its driving me to the brink of insanity. I've forgotten what its like to just be sober and not have to do drugs. Sometimes I even think of killing myself to stop it all together. Elliott got his inspiration from dark, horrible times in his life. And me being a musician, I understand. But opiates give no one peace. Unless you get lucky and kill yourself with them. I wish I could just stop. But I cant. And on another note, there is much speculation on what happened during his death. But I believe that he did it himself. And no one can tell me different. You try being a heroin addict forhalf your life aand then try living with yourself. I'm only 21 and I can't even leave my bed because I'm so ashamed and depressed. But no one can be sure, not even his "nephew". I can only guess. But it seems logical on why he did it. So yeah,
Im also strung out again in a basement on a hill. Quite literally.

Beautiful metaphor | Reviewer: Samantha
    ------ About the song Between The Bars performed by Elliott Smith

A deep emotional interpretation of the one who is afraid to love. "Drink up" means participate in a relationship with the one who cares for this wounded soul. ".Between the bars" does seem literal, yet could mean inbetween one night stands. The one who cares will wait for the one last time that he or she will finally give in and open his or her heart to love. A reminder that love is good and without it, we become who we don't want to be. We have a more difficult time accomplishing our potential without love.

im so sorry, love elliot, god forgive me | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song King's Crossing performed by Elliott Smith

This song was written and performed near the end of the 90s, the song lyrics hardly changed during the period of Elliot performing it and when he recorded for a basement on the hill. When performed pre-recording version, it was more about drugs than anything else, "ex wife" means is a kinky reference to heroin. He also stresses the fact that he is being paid to literally sell his sole with his music ("judge is on vynal""keeps the fat man feeding" and more from that verse) the skinny Santa with a slurred voice is easily interpreted as a drug dealer or user of some sort, the line "because we live you" was in fact recorded before elliots suicide, the reason for this lyric is because when Elliot used to perform it in concert when he would sing give me a reason not to do it, his girlfriend and sister in the crowd would reply "because we love you" this was of course him asking for a reason to not do heroin. However, the recorded version of the song used the same drug references, except much of it was designed as a double entendre for suicide, "open your parachute and grab your gun" is no longer just a reference to shooting heroin, but a reference to ways of committing suicide. Originally kings crossing referenced the train station in London, as a place in between two things, perhaps a state of mind between drug uses, however in the recorded version it is intended to imply the in between life and death, he knew he was on the verge of dying, and even referenced it being uncontrollable in "dominoes falling in a chain reaction" the tidal wave line referenced originally the uncontrollable high that heroin brings, but later the fact that the people who were close to him would be hurt soon. The final verse is haunting, because when originally sung it was him begging for someone to help him get off the heroin addiction, however in its recording itwas elliots final call for someone to save him from dying.

disappointed | Reviewer: anais ninja
    ------ About the song Everything Reminds Me Of Her performed by Elliott Smith

I just heard this song for the first time the other day and fell in love with it. So I picked up my guitar and quickly learned it. I thought it was about a lost lover, then I read a comment on the youtube video that said it was probably about smack. Rereading the lyrics, the steeple impaling the sun = needle impaling skin. Her = heroin. The sorry is full of fuck you - why would anyone feel defensive about being out of it over a lost lover? The sermon clearly points to the failed intervention and repeated admonitions by friends and associates to stop using. I dunno - maybe I'll keep playing it and it will feel fresh and lovely again.

beautiful sadness | Reviewer: Monty
    ------ About the song Needle In The Hay performed by Elliott Smith

I heard this song for the first time watching The Royal Tenenbaums. It's so perfect for the scene. I can't help but cry every time Luke Wilson says, "I'm going to kill myself tomorrow". Then soon after I found out that Smith died fairly soon after that time. In this world, the pain of feeling can crush one into a tiny ball, and you think that the only thing that can make it better is drug abuse. Our hell is of our own making on this Earth. The only thing that can save us from the abyss are the people we love and the good we can do for the short time we are here. I hope anyone who is contemplating suicide will think of those things and be realistic about how it will hurt those who care for you. Feeling depressed is natural, and to express it can be the best thing, to let it out. This song brings those feelings into the light. Thank you Elliott Smith for writing it.

amity | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Amity performed by Elliott Smith

i like this interpretation above- mostly be supposedly the song was written about a girl i know- and her name is amity, shes the present girlfriend of an ex of mine...i think the first interpretation of the song is spot on- i like this girl- but she is and definitely was more so then very beautiful and full of life but at the same time a bit surface in all her vivacity... im not surprised it didnt work out with them...

The man in the box | Reviewer: frank burrdick
    ------ About the song Oh Well, Okay performed by Elliott Smith

The lyrics about an airless cell that blocks the day remind me of the gimp in pulp fiction. 'Oh Well, Okay' is the attitude of someone who has the power to stop torture and slavery but at great personal cost. They are just glad its not happening to them. The attitude is selfish. do me a favor and let me know is calling them out.

Uh, guys... | Reviewer: neszero
    ------ About the song King's Crossing performed by Elliott Smith

The people saying that this song was recorded days before his suicide don't really know what they're talking about.

Also, the "give me one good reason not to do it" line is referring to using drugs (not killing himself) if you pay attention to the context of the lyrics around that line.

I am curious about the "because we love you" line though -- if you look on the wikipedia for this album, the people responsible for mixing the album really stress that they didn't add anything to the mix. Doesn't seem like a natural part of the song in my opinion, but why would they lie?

struggle | Reviewer: jollymean
    ------ About the song Plainclothes Man performed by Elliott Smith

When battling addictions, you are eventually led to down a path where you question why and which addiction is the lesser of two evils.

Coupled with trying to maintain a relationship, things can spiral out of control quickly.

Someones caring words or concern can easily be mistaken for insults, hurt and pity, especially when trapped in a steady decline or suffering withdrawl symptoms.

During addiction, sometimes when in a relationship, you indeed can recover the love of something or feeling you once had and it will seem cemented as if never to leave...until your addiction and pain override and take over again.

It's unfortunate and i'm sure Elliott continually dealt with feeling similar to these. Wanting desperately what used to be in his heart and mind but dealing with the physical and mental pain that comes with physically addicting substances. It is not a life that can be sustained for very long and choices have to be made before it is too late.

Elliott Is An Angel, He Didn't Deserve To Die Like That. | Reviewer: Just FROLF it .( frisbee golf)
    ------ About the song Waltz #2 (XO) performed by Elliott Smith

This is a beautiful song, and I can't stop listening to it. I belive this is about his mom and stepdad. You can hear the pain in his voice as you hear him sing it. It's a lovely song. Rest In Peace Elliott Smith. You are loved and missed and I hope you are in a better place where " you have what it takes."
"I'm never gonna know you now, but i'm gonna love you anyhow"

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