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The Butchies Ellen D. Lyrics

Last updated: 06/02/2004 03:14:38 AM

a sound approach to massive hands down nothing more than change your name cuz you don't know a thing you're fighting a river 10 times the size assume i'm gay like Ellen do you want to swim let's jump in come on come on it's not like you enjoy it don't wait for somebody to tell you that you don't know a thing about my life you don't know a fucking thing around the same time as Mozart who were those women they don't talk about who were those we dream about could privacy be a matter of just enough time to write about you as me in bed lights off clothes on it's time to go do you wanna go come on come on can't get away from liking it a move and a sing of the times you know me you know that i remember it like yesterday you know me i know you remember it like yesterday