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Few artists stand as the very definition of the art they
practice, but Ella Fitzgerald is one of them. No jazz
singer can avoid being influenced by her, or at least
taking into account the monument of her work.
Fitzgerald didn't have the darkness of Billie Holiday, the
bravura of Sarah Vaughan or the acidity of Carmen McRae,
but what she did have was a suniness, a childlike joy and a
classic command of her craft that audiences picked up on
right away. Originally influenced by Connie Boswell, she
also swung like mad, and was one of More...

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Review about Ella Fitzgerald songs
this is hip | Reviewer: Ian Dylan
    ------ About the song Jersey Bounce performed by Ella Fitzgerald

one of the hippest songs ever. from the days of yestar year but hipper than most such tunes, needing less seasoning to make it so than most tunes of a similar ilk.

Wrong Author, Wrong Credit | Reviewer: Blenda Richter
    ------ About the song They All Laughed performed by Ella Fitzgerald

The lyrics, as all the Jazz Standards lyrics are clever and intelligent in a romantic theme. But they are NOT Ella Fitzgerald's they were written by Ira Gershwin and his brother George wrote the music.

Lullaby of Birdland | Reviewer: warpatato
    ------ About the song Lullaby of Birdland performed by Ella Fitzgerald

One of the best lyrically written songs in my opinion. It's not one of those really cheesy deep poetic songs. The words are enigmatically genius on their simplicity constructed on beautiful playfulness and rhymes.

Timelessness in human words! | Reviewer: Dr Dr Francis Bruce Marion
    ------ About the song Round Midnight performed by Ella Fitzgerald

The breath of life, the timing of strife, Ella reminded us all of the timelessness between each of our breaths!
As we make it through each day, sadness and happiness are here to stay;
with each breath from our birth till our death....
We can only rate this creation with the numbers zero and infinity;
knowing the everlasting sensation of the hero in serenity!
God knows and shows the melodies of life beyond strife will continue to glow!
sincerely Dr B from pittsburghjam.org and youtube.com/drfbm

BILLY STRAYHORN | Reviewer: Jean
    ------ About the song Sophisticated Lady performed by Ella Fitzgerald

What did Billy Strayhorn have to do with the writing of the song? He doesn't seem to be given credit. I know too many African American artist have not been given credit for their contributions.

Nobody handles a lyric like Cole... | Reviewer: joan johnson
    ------ About the song Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love) performed by Ella Fitzgerald

I grew up listening to some wonderful music, courtesy of my Mother who loved a good lyric. When I heard "sentimental centipedes do it", I knew that Cole Porter was the master of them all.

Health Care | Reviewer: Alliancgen(at)aol(dot)con
    ------ About the song They All Laughed performed by Ella Fitzgerald

They all laughed at Christopher Columbus when he said the world was round. They all laughed when Edison recorded sound. They all laughed at Wilber and his brother when they said man could fly. They told folk that Health Care was a joke it's the same old cry. But ho-ho-h0 whose got the last laugh know.

i love songs like this | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Manhattan performed by Ella Fitzgerald

i adore songs like this its not about breaking up or dating your ex or saying how jerky your boyfriend is its about romance and love in the good way. i love the melody and jazzy beat to it. thats saying something because i hate jazz. i ADORE THIS SONG!!!! <3

This Tramp Stamps for Ella Always!!! | Reviewer: Ray Van Orman III
    ------ About the song The Lady Is A Tramp performed by Ella Fitzgerald

Been an Ella Fella all my life!!! Along with all the The Queens of Styles & Songs...Etta James, Billie Holiday, Sophie Tucker,All The Blues & Broadway Queens. All the Vinyl Vamps of any age. It had to Swing!!! Even Marlene Dietrich DID Swing & Vamp. Barbra, Bonnie, Sara, Shirleys, Susies (QTooUKnow), Sandys, Love them all!!!!

The Meh List of song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song You're Blase performed by Ella Fitzgerald

I was thinking about the "Meh List" ( a weekly feature in the NY Times), and suddenly realized "It's just like 'You're Blas'". I wonder if the Times people have ever heard of it.

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