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Eels Elizabeth On The Bathroom Floor Lyrics

Last updated: 12/13/2007 10:00:00 AM

Laying on the bathroom floor
Kitty licks my cheek once more
And i could try
But waking up is harder when you wanna die

Walter's on the telephone
Tell him i am not at home
'cause i think that i am going
To a place where i am always high

My name's elizabeth
My life is shit and piss

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Transferrance of pain | Reviewer: Josh | 12/13/2007

This song just really epitomises and captures Mark's songwriting talent. To be able to so purely and easily depict the last moments of his sisters life like this.

He's had a horrid life, this man. I am more than happy he is able to share it with the rest of the world through his precious and wonderful words.

A true songwriting genius.