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Matthew Langston is fed up with all the talk of pain,
sorrow, and agony he hears every day on the radio. Over the
past year, the music industry has been swept under an
avalanche of self-pity and grief by recent trends in
popular rock music. Though many of these types of bands
have connected with today's youth, Langston, lead vocalist
of Greenville, South Carolina pop/punk trio eleventyseven,
feels it's time to focus his musical energy on something a
bit more uplifting. And he's sure he's not alone in his

"You get tired More...

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Favorite song! | Reviewer: Cody McCowan
    ------ About the song Reach That Far performed by Eleventyseven

This song is by far my all time favorite song. I love the spiritual deepness of the lyrics and the soft slow progression of the acoustics. And with Langston singing with such a passion, it makes this song really powerful and worth being in your memory. And the Land of Fake Believe is im my opinion one of the greatest Christian rock albums I've ever heard, and I think Eleventyseven is amazing!

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