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High, higher than the sun
You shoot me from a gun
I need you to elevate me here
At the corner of your lips
As the orbit of your hips
You elevate my soul

I've got no self control
Been living like a mole now
Going down, excavation
I lie in the sky
You make me feel like I can fly
So high

A star
Lit up like a cigar
Strung out like a guitar
Maybe you can educate my mind

Explain all these controls
Can't sing but I've got soul
The goal is elevation

A mole
Digging in a hole
Digging up my soul now
Going down, excavation

I and I in the sky
You make me feel like I can fly
So high

Lift me up from out of these blues
Won't you tell me something true
I believe in you

A mole
Diggin' in a hole
Diggin' up my soul now
Going down, excavation

I lie in the sky
You make me feel like I can fly
So high



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Seize the Time | Reviewer: Pastor KJLee | 12/17/11

No time, is more relevant than now, to allow the Creator of the Universe to ELEVATE our minds. If you don't understand the command, than its not for you. If you do, fear not, help is on the way! U2, Peace to you.

Meaning | Reviewer: ronald | 8/29/11

U2 uses tools such as spiritual imagery and personal themes to describe totally different things. In other words, they are metaphoric from the onset of a number of their lyrics. Here, Bono wrote this song making use of the spiritual feeling of upliftment and the desperate need to get fulfilled to describe the feeling you get when you are with someone you are in-phase with in terms of emotions or sensuality.

True Meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/22/11

The only way to truly get u2 is to know the meaning of the songs.This song can have a variety of meanings and that's what's great about it.Obviously you dont see the any meaning of the song wich quite frankly makes you ignorant.Next time think twice before hating on u2 fans you will always lose that battle.

U2 rocks | Reviewer: richie | 4/7/11

i think elevation is one of the best songs of U2 , i am a metallica fan but i still love a few U2 songs . U2 has a very distinctive voice. both metallica and U2 have a very distinctive voice . love the lyrics of these two bands . both are on very different paths but being a fan of both keeps you on a middle path

Talking about meeting Christ ! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/17/10

This is a deep song . One of the lyrics states "the goal is elevation ( elevation of the spirit ). " You make me feel like I can fly" ( someone who has seen true love which can only be found in God )

Shame on who knows Marcel... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/09

When the cat can't reach the meat,it says it's rotten.That's to sum up Marcel's judgement.The Pope received Bono,Nelson Mandela,too,to mention only these two,my university teachers and some great professors,and people of tremendous knowledge I know keep quoting him.Who knows about you,Marcel?Have you ever made your thoughts heard,that's if ever you have any?

This song is amazing!!! | Reviewer: Cute!!!!! | 3/22/09

I am not such a great fan of this group, however, I felt completely excited when I listened to this song for the first time. Perhaps I didnt catch the meaning of the lyrics at the beginning but now i can say that this song is really great!!!! It really elevates me when im dow!!!!

the words and music elevates! | Reviewer: Nigi | 3/4/09

this song is all about feelings! Real feelings that one experiences when sees the person that interests him!!! You wanna fly!! You wanna cry!! Something inside shoots you and your soul like goes up! you want to sing like this! These words are exactly the words your heart "pronounces" when you see the person that makes you to lose control ;)

Respect the Taste | Reviewer: Xochitl | 12/7/08

Honestly u can't call sum1 an ignorant or peasant because of their music taste because there's no definition under those two words tht say U2 lovers r ignorant. *marcell* if u look it up u might just find your name all over the definition of ignorant. There's a thing called respect and u shouldn't judge others. Some ppl find meaning in the song and others don't. Deal with it but don't make stupid childish comments like those.

To all of you U2-haters!!! | Reviewer: Toni | 11/26/08

You can love whatever music, that you like, but don't come here and play smart by dissing others music! That only prooves, that you aint intelligent enough to accept other people and their tastes. Grow up!

Lyrics | Reviewer: Annoyed | 7/2/08

Guys, I honestly can't believe it if you can't find meaning in these lyrics. They are very deep if any of you...marcell... intelligent enough to interpret them. Music is not always straightforward.
Btw, who voted them the worst lyrics?? You?? Because I know I never heard that.

The lyrics | Reviewer: aua | 5/22/08

If you check the meaning of the words they do have meaning, if you guys don't understand them it's just because you're not looking hard enough, so re-read the song and re-think the comments about the lyrics

^_^ | Reviewer: Natsumi | 4/10/08

I really like U2, I don't have any of their albums but I have borrowed one from my aunt and now I'm thinking of getting it myself. This is one of my favourite songs.

P.S. Heh, does this mean I'm a peasant? That's such a funny insult! :D *feeling proud*

U2 father of rock | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/08

That bastard who said that u2 sucks should think twice because if U2 doesn`t exist rock doesn`t exist. That person should be a Tokio Hotel fan a gay emo who love to suck cooks.Kill your self.

(sorry about my english)

as regards the peasant epithet attached to U2 fans | Reviewer: Ralitsa | 11/15/07

the person who says we are peasants - he/she'd better work harder on his/her English. it seems U2 is far beyond that person's class and perception.

Elevation is a unique song - another song with a powerful message produced by a genius band! U2, you're just amazing!

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