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There probably isn't an up-and-coming hard-rock act in the
world that, to some degree, has not been influenced by
Metallica. Element Eighty is no exception, but, as
guitarist Matt Woods explains, the impact of Metallica on
his band isn't quite as obvious as listeners might assume.
"I was in a physical science class in the ninth grade, and
was trying to think of a name for the group," recalls the
22-year-old musician. "I remembered that Metallica got
their name from the periodic table, so I started scanning
through it and saw that More...

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Reviews about Element Eighty songs

scarred 10-5-09 | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Texas Cries performed by Element Eighty

I only can say for this song that it's one that once meant a lot to me because of a friend who now thinks he's better than me, and doesn't need me anymore so he cut me out of his life and abandoned me worse than anyone has before. So what this song does for me is that it makes me think of him and now more than ever i can relate because in a way it reminds me of the way i feel about him. He claimed to have written this song Texas Cries, but fuck that and his complusive lying! I could give a fuck less about him now

one of the best songs by element eighty | Reviewer: josh
    ------ About the song Killing Me performed by Element Eighty

killing me is one of my favorite besides broken promises....i cant decide which one is my favorite...just listen to killing me and which one do you think is better.

best song eva | Reviewer: ron
    ------ About the song Broken Promises performed by Element Eighty

i rkn this is the best song, checkout a song called war by the same band, im sure youse ll luv it.

What a Song......???Mindblowing | Reviewer: Eish
    ------ About the song Broken Promises performed by Element Eighty

I heard this song in the Need for speed underground and when I heard this song I was amazed by the VOCALS and the strokes of the guitars played by the band members......seriously I want this band back in scene coz i still feel that these guys were amazing.........hey all my wishes for this band......

maddest band love them | Reviewer: {x}{o}Meko{x}{o}
    ------ About the song Parachute performed by Element Eighty

pretty sure why are there no reviews for this song?? you people call your selves awesome you dont know awesome till you know Element Eighty Yea so what are you still doing reading this??
Love Meko xoxoxo

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