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Becoming The Archetype Elegy Lyrics

Last updated: 09/08/2005 11:00:00 AM

[Part I: Deception]

Death reigns over the earth
Opressing justice and truth
Nations plagued by despair
Are collapsing hopelessly into themselves
We watch while sanity dies
Forever lost upon the Earth
Countless souls embracing condemnation
One by one marching to the grave
Into the Mouth of the ruin that feeds upon the Damned and the Deceived
And they will cry there is no life here only death
Wide is the path that leads to destruction
Wide is that pathway down into the pit of despair

[Part II: Lament]


[Part III: Triumph]


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Demon Hunter v.s. BTA | Reviewer: scarydude | 6/23/2007

This song has THE CRAZIEST drums I have EVER heard. Becoming the Archetype freakin' rox but Demon Hunter is still better be 0.000000000000099%

Keep kickin' BTA, see you at Sonshine '07

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