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Did you ever see me - could you even see at all
I looked at your cold white face, so still, so empty
yet I knew you were
yet I knew you were at rest
much more comforted - than I
what else could I find to replace who you were
It was the carefree unrestricted love that you never meant to give
You never had the choice
You never ment to give
You never had the choice

It was your innocence
It was part of who you were
what else could I find to replace who you were
It was the carefree unrestricted love that
you never meant to give
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you never had the choice
you never meant to care
you never had the choice

It was your innocence
It was part of who you were
It was your innocence
It was the comfort of a friend
It was your innocence
It was part of who you were
It was your innocence
It was the comfort of a friend

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Christian music | Reviewer: a7xfan31 | 3/16/11

@BartelDoo you're probably never going to read this but Christian music is not just limited to adult contempary/pop music. Its not the music its the message. everyone thinks just because the music is destorted its athiest or satanist but thats just prejudiced like saying all black people are gang members or something like that sorry i just typed a mini novel but i just wanted to get that out

BartelDoo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/23/10

If you don't know what christianity is, or what its about how could you say that this band isn't a christian band? I don't believe this band is a christian band, their music is not just for christians but for believers and non believers alike. And there songs, forsaken, behind me lies another fallen soldier, parallels, where definitly related to God. They were, with an exception of parallels about God. Parallels was about how as a christian he is not like the rest of the world because Christ says not to be.

WTF ?! | Reviewer: Travis | 8/20/09

why every time i look at any thing AILD it always has to do with either. Are they a christain band OR blah blah blah god isnt real or some other BS.
its the same fuckin thing over and over WTF? its just music.

AILD kicks ASS!!!!!

Good song. | Reviewer: LeoLab | 8/20/09

Okay, first off, ALID are a good band and this is a good song.

Now for some clarifications:

ALID is a band made up of christians, but they are not a christian band. The term "christian band" is generally used to refer to bands that make songs about jesus and the bible. Personally, I would classify them ad somewhere between death metal and metalcore.

As a side note, why do most people seem to hate death metal?

I have a solution | Reviewer: Nate | 6/23/09

Ok first of all as I lay dying is amazing. And second I doubt they are Christian-core but like other bands such as flyleaf are open about their religion obviously don't sing about how magical jesus is. just because they pray before a show doesn't make them Christian core they just are openly religious stop arguing over a genre's and just apreciate the music

this stupid ass | Reviewer: metal head | 4/11/09

and that guy down there is an idiot even Tim Lambesis says that they are a christian band and that he loves writing songs about what he's passionate about. and not all their songs are about relationships you stupid fuck hints this song is one of them thats not about some girl tim banged or something ok
so go fuck yourself musicforlife no one likes you not even creed

No one could or would believe what this song is actually about... | Reviewer: Kraesys | 10/25/08

If anyone actually owns this particular cd, they should see that right before the lyrics in the booklet that this song is dedicated to someone. From the lyrics of the song, it seems that person is currently deceased, or dead to those with poor vocabulary. Read the lyrics carefully and try to see the meaning of the song. Attempt to see how that person died. All their songs have an interesting abstract meaning that most aren't smart enough to figure out.

hahahaha | Reviewer: kevin | 9/4/08

you guys are idiots... i like how people bash on other peoples OPINIONS. yes OPINIONS, as if you can change someones beliefs by talking crap about what they think. i agree with what most of you say that aild is not death metal, but they really arent metalcore either... if you want to hear a good metalcore band check out august burns red, and yes they are christian as well. not really sure what musicforlife is talkin about when he says aild isnt christian but they are so might as well get over yourself.

Hmm | Reviewer: Aaron | 6/23/08

Well I know God is Good and when I feel good I dont scream my thoughts My thoughts and music sooth me calm me make me feel in peace and hamony with understanding of what every word is sung or said I'm not knocking it but it just doesnt sooth me so I LOVE YOU yes you and you to hay guess what JESUS does to. Sweet.

Chirstian-Core | Reviewer: Deven | 5/21/08

HOLY CRAP ok all you people that think they arnt christian are stupid just listen to there lyrics it so shows it and if you ever go to one of there concerts before they start thew show they pray to the audience so how are you gonig to tell us they arnt christians they even admit they are a christian band and yea like you say AILD IS KICK ASS

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