Electric Wizard Albums

  • We Live Album (10/19/2004)
    Eko Eko Azarak
    We Live
    Flower Of Evil AKA Malfiore
    Another Perfect Day?
    The Sun Has Turned To Black
    Saturn's Children
    Tutti I Colori Del Buio

  • Let Us Prey Album (4/30/2002)
    ...A Chosen Few
    We, the Undead
    Master of Alchemy: House of Whipcord/The...
    The Outsider
    Night of the Shape
    Priestess of Mars

  • Dopethrone Album (3/22/2000)
    Vinum Sabbathi
    Weird Tales / Electric Frost / Golgatha / Altar Of Melektaus
    I, The Witchfinder
    We Hate You

  • Supercoven Album (3/22/1998)

  • Come My Fanatics... Album (3/22/1996)
  • Electric Wizard Album (3/22/1994)

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