Electric Light Orchestra Lyrics

The Electric Light Orchestra's ambitious yet irresistible
fusion of Beatlesque pop, classical arrangements, and
futuristic iconography rocketed the group to massive
commercial success throughout the 1970s. ELO was formed in
Birmingham, England in the autumn of 1970 from the ashes of
the eccentric art-pop combo the Move, reuniting frontman
Roy Wood with guitarist/composer Jeff Lynne, bassist Rick
Price, and drummer Bev Bevan; announcing their intentions
to "pick up where 'I Am the Walrus' left off," the quartet
sought to embellish More...

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Review about Electric Light Orchestra songs
elo | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Livin' Thing performed by Electric Light Orchestra

this man is an absolute genius,my favourite band of all time! how he combined rock with a light orchestra is sublime in itself. one things for sure, he never ever fails to surprise or entertain you with his talent. about time the queen honoured him as well.

just sayin | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Love Is Like Oxygen performed by Electric Light Orchestra

I do remember this song and no ELO never did a version of it. Sweet was a decent band but had very few songs that went airtime the famed Ballroom blitz, Love is like oxygen and Fox on the run are the only ones I can recall

meaningful | Reviewer: Steve Staples
    ------ About the song Kuiama performed by Electric Light Orchestra

The song is about a soldier who killed Kuiamas parents.He is explaning what happened during the war to her and her parents.It is a very cool song because Its not an anti war song or pro war song.It is what it is,he got drafted and went to war for his country.Unfortunatley during a battle he killed her parents,and he Is telling her about it.Great writing In this song.

ELO? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Love Is Like Oxygen performed by Electric Light Orchestra

If ELO did a version of this I'd certainly like to hear it. For years people have compared this song to ELO perhaps due to the keyboard textures and such. It was one of the more melodic Sweet singles to get airplay and a great new direction for the band at the time.

ultimate party anthem | Reviewer: Peter Brown
    ------ About the song Wild West Hero performed by Electric Light Orchestra

For years now we have included this as a family party anthem, all linked in a big circle, , singing the a capella bits quietly, then belting out the chorus's, someone doing bad air guitar in the middle sequences, trying to keep track of the number of repeats in the last chorus etc etc. Seems to encapsulate all kinds of emotions and creates a great feeling of togetherness. Maybe we're just a bunch of cowboys...anyway, go on , try it out, spread the love !!

Truly Beautiful | Reviewer: Jack
    ------ About the song Telephone Line performed by Electric Light Orchestra

This song is a stream of emotion, it is musically and lyrically very very beatiful, and the vocal arrangements are a delight. Jeff Lynne is, among other things, one of the best male singers ever. I think it's a perfect example of a Beatles and Roy Orbison fusion, and God that diminished chord! The acoustic version on 'Live From Bungalow Palace' it's amazing, if you haven't heard it yet, check it out. It's really sad to realize that songs like this are not on the airwaves anymore, these are dark times.


Older "One more tomorrow" | Reviewer: ben lewis
    ------ About the song One More Tomorrow performed by Electric Light Orchestra

All you show are not the song I remember from forties and fifties. It goes something like this: "One more tomorrow, to kiss your lips constantly" or maybe "to hold your hand constantly"

Merci!! | Reviewer: Janet
    ------ About the song Hold On Tight performed by Electric Light Orchestra

Thanks you for getting the lyrics right and not translating C'est into It's a long time to be gone like all the other lyrics sources online for this song. Yes it is C'est long time to be gone!!!!! I knew this the 1st time I heard it in 1981. ELO is one of my favorite groups and they mixed French and English together in that line, plus adding the other French lyrics in as well. All very charming. This is one of the most inspirational songs I have ever heard and one of my favorites. I play it when I feel down and share it with friends. Was a radio DJ for many years, now there are no radio jobs to apply for. Miss my radio days a lot, which is why I get down.

Mister Kingdom | Reviewer: Cindy Costello Dague
    ------ About the song Mister Kingdom performed by Electric Light Orchestra

The Eldorado album has always been my favorite ELO album. Mister Kingdom reminds me of a person on the brink of death, living on dreams of the better days of one's life...but instead of the gloomy sadness, it's as if they are on an exciting brink of a new adventure...shed the old world, and enter the new..."Cause once you're through with one world, there's another waiting there".

Long forgotten classic.... | Reviewer: Michael L.
    ------ About the song Shangri-La performed by Electric Light Orchestra

I downloaded "A New World's Record" today; I had forgotten most of the songs on the album over the years, but after listening to it all morning, one can not help to (re)gain an appreciation for the genius of Jeff Lynn.
The harmonies are incredible and the strings are beautiful (especially with head-phones).
A re-found classic I'll be listening to for a long time to come!

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