Electric Light Orchestra Albums

  • Zoom Album (6/12/2001)
    Moment In Paradise
    State Of Mind
    Just For Love
    Stranger On A Quiet Street
    In My Own Time
    Easy Money
    It Really Doesn't Matter
    Ordinary Dream
    A Long Time Gone
    Melting In The Sun
    All She Wanted
    Lonesome Lullaby

  • Moment of Truth Album (10/1/1994)
    Moment Of Truth (Overture)
    Breakin' Down The Walls
    Power Of A Million Lights
    Interlude 3
    One More Tomorrow
    Don't Wanna
    Interlude 2
    The Fox
    Love Or Money
    Blue Violin
    Whiskey Girls
    Interlude 1
    Twist Of The Knife
    So Glad You Said Goodbye
    The Leaving

  • Electric Light Orchestra, Part Two [Scotti Bros.] Album (8/1/1990)
    Honest Men
    Every Night
    Once Upon A Time
    Thousand Eyes
    For The Love Of A Woman
    Kiss Me Red
    Heart Of Hearts
    Easy Street

  • Balance of Power Album (3/1/1986)
    Heaven Only Knows
    So Serious
    Getting To The Point
    Secret Lives
    Is It Alright
    Sorrow About To Fall
    Without Someone
    Calling America
    Endless Lies
    Send It

  • Secret Messages Album (6/1/1983)
  • Time Album (8/1/1981)
  • Discovery Album (6/1/1979)
  • Out of the Blue Album (11/1/1977)
  • A New World Record Album (11/1/1976)
  • Face the Music Album (10/1/1975)
  • Eldorado Album (10/1/1974)
  • On the Third Day Album (12/1/1973)
  • Electric Light Orchestra II Album (2/1/1973)
  • No Answer Album (8/1/1972)
  • Electric Light Orchestra [Harvest] Album (8/1/1971)

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    Reviews about Electric Light Orchestra albums

    A Innovative, enjoyable album...CREATIVE | Reviewer: Skye(voshra)
        ------ About the album Time performed by Electric Light Orchestra

    this is by far my favourite ELO album of all time...they really should have continued with their "electronica" phase...i think it would have worked out well.
    anyways, yours truely, 2095 is brillant i quote my favourite phrase here:"I met someone who looks a lot like you She does the things you do But she is an IBM."
    the whole album is PERFECT for ppl that like techno, electronica, etc and if you're going to like ANY of the ELO albums, you should try out this one before the others, since i dont care much about alot of the other stuff by ELO but this album appeals me to me greatly. its a bit "poppy" and "orchestra" and then throw in some magic "electronica" and you got yourself a AWESOME album.
    10 out of 10.
    lastly, someone SHOULD post the bonus 2001 re-released songs (3 of them) here as they are offical tracks of the album.
    Voshra (Skye)

    Awesome Album | Reviewer: Amy 67
        ------ About the album Discovery performed by Electric Light Orchestra

    This album was so great when I got it in 1979. Every song was a song that you liked. It had some rocking songs and then had songs that were mellow. It covered it all. And now almost 30 years later I still enjoy it.

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