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Electric Eel Shock Biography

Last updated: 05/09/2005 09:56:38 PM

"Electric Eeel Shock's ferocious live show is the most relentlessly energetic we've seen in ages... their stage presence is frightening."

We are... You are... Electric Eel Shock:
Aki Morimoto - Guitar & Vo
Kazuto Maekawa - Bass
Tomoharu 'Gian' Ito - Drums
Being in a Rock band means touring, however few bands embrace this as comfortably as Electric Eel Shock (EES).

Even before the band had signed their first license deal with a label in March 2004 they had toured in over 21 countries.

Less than a year later with their first commercially available album “Go Europe!” released on different labels in the UK, Europe, Japan, Australia and soon to be America they have taken that tally to nearly 30 different countries around the world and they are not stopping…

During the hectic promotion of “Go Europe!” EES were already preparing their next project and new album. The band finally were able to plan going into the studio with a record label budget for the first time - all previous recordings have been financed by the band and limited by the money they make on the road. EES secured the services of Grammy nominated producer Attie Bauw (Scorpions, Judas Priest etc), who had become a fan after seeing them live in Amsterdam in 2002.

In between their 27 festival appearances in the summer of 2004 EES wrote the New Album. They went into the famous Wisseloord Studios in Holland at the end of November 2004.

The new, as yet unamed album, is showing a great organic progression in their sound and maturity in their song writing. We are sure this record is going to surprise a lot of people!!

"Electric Eel Shock are already in a small group of Japanese bands that have had an impact around the world, with this record they are set to make that impact become a very bold statement."

The new album will be available sometime around April 2005

In the meantime Go Europe gets its American release in March 2005 on Gearhead Records... Re-titled Go-USA!