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Electrasy are one of those bands where you can't understand
how they've managed to remain relatively unknown despite
being better than most. We probably wouldn't have even
heard about them if it hadn't been for the inclusion of the
track Cosmic Castaway on the recent animated film Titan A.E.

This British band aren't one track wonders though and if
you've been fortunate enough to download of buy one of
their albums you'll have been treated to the likes of the
superb Morning Afterglow rock ballad or the electric
styling of Renegades. More...

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Submit Electrasy New Lyrics

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Cosmic Castaway-Electrasy | Reviewer: christine
    ------ About the song Cosmic Castaway performed by Electrasy

wow yeah this song is awesome! the lyrics are awesome and upbeat and funny, but true and important too! you'll love it!

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