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Eldritch Biography

Last updated: 11/29/2003 01:59:37 AM

Eldritch were formed in 1991 from the ashes of Italian band, Zeus, who played US-oriented hard rock. Under the new moniker, the four musicians Terence Holler, Eugene Simone, Adriano Dal Canto and Martin Kyhn began to write more complex compositions, enhancing them with modern progressive metal inserts and perfecting their already impressive technical abilities. Their first demo "Reflection Of Sadness" was greeted enthusiastically by the press and, in addition, Terence Holler was named Best Vocalist of the Year by the Italian magazine Flash.

1992 saw the band producing the two tracks "Quiet Hope" and "Under This Ground" in Officina Studios, which resulted in a contract with Limb Music Products & Publishing (L.M.P.). One year later Oleg Smirnoff (keyboards) joined the band and Eldritch produced a demo tape which helped L.M.P. to attract the attention and interest of both the international press and interesting record companies regarding the band.

In September 1994 the five musicians once again locked themselves into the Officina Studio to record their debut album Seeds Of Rage, which was released on the German label Inside Out Music in May 1995. The German metal magazine Heavy oder was!?, in their April edition, named Seeds Of Rage Album of the Month, whilst Rock Hard gave it 8.5 from 10 possible points. Back home in Italy, Flash awarded the album 95 out of 100 points while the Italian Metal Hammer gave it 5 out of 6. It was no different in Japan, where the country's most influential metal magazine, Burrn! awarded it 82 out of 100 - an excellent award from this prestigious magazine.

Their second album, Headquake, which was released in March 1997, had the fans and the media falling over themselves with praise. "Flash" awarded it maximum points, the Greek "Metal Invader" announced that, with this album, Eldritch had joined the realm of the greatest bands in the world. And they were right! Headquake combined the entire spectrum of the band's strengths in one homogenous and ambitious masterpiece.

El Niño represented the band's third stage of development. Eldritch has once again managed to put out an album in a class of its own. The band produced El Niño themselves after recording and mixing the songs in Italy's "New Sin Studio", ably supported by engineer Luigi Stefanini, who also mastered the album. The title of the album is fitting. El Nino blows a fiery wind through the landscapes of flashing guitars, magnificent vocals and thunderous rhythms. Opening with the fast and furious "Fall From Grace" and the extraordinary "No Direction Home", Eldritch leave no doubt from the beginning that they have once again outdone their own fabulous performance on their previous albums. Since the album's release the band have replaced keyboard player Oleg Smirnoff with classically trained Sean Henderson. Rejuvenated by both a new album which is selling amazingly well and a fresh new presence in the band, Eldritch toured Europe supporting Threshold on their Clone tour and bring El Nino to the masses!

After 3 albums and many concerts around the world, eldritch took a little break. The replacement of Oleg Smirnoff with the new Sean Henderson gave the band new energy and erased some old personal problems within the band. But the last problem to solve was Adriano's health problems! He has some kind of steady Tendinite that started to hit him since the Headquake tour ('97). At the end, in April '99 he had to stop playing drums totally!! A real shok for the rest of the band who had to search for a valid substitute. Which isn't easy in a technical band like Eldritch. Finally they found the 25 years old talent from Livorno, but living in the U.S.A., called Dave Simeone. He is the perfect guy for the new style of the band.

Yes, the band changed totally style! It is not more progressive metal but it's a kind of modern thrash!! It's a mixture of Slayer, Testament, Old 'tallica, Pantera, Annihilator, Coroner and Fear Factory with new influences here and there like Korn, M.Manson, Disturbed and some old electronic music like Depeche Mode! The mixture is anway still original like in Eldritch's style but really catchy at the same time. Eldritch also shot their first videoclip with the remake of "My Sharona", a song from 1979 from Knack which is really a big punch in your face. The Reverse album will be released in early 2001 and I'm sure that the world will be caught in Eldritch's new musical approach! Kepp 'n' touch Guys!!