Elbow Albums

  • The Take Off And Landing Of Everything Album (3/11/2014)
    This Blue World
    Fly Boy Blue / Lunette
    New York Morning
    Real Life (Angel)
    Honey Sun
    My Sad Captains
    Colour Fields
    The Take Off And Landing Of Everything
    The Blanket Of Night

  • Build A Rocket Boys! Album (3/7/2011)
    The Birds
    Lippy Kids
    With Love
    Neat Little Rows
    Jesus Is A Rochdale Girl
    The Night Will Always Win
    High Ideals
    The River
    Open Arms
    The Birds (Reprise)
    Dear Friends

  • The Seldom Seen Kid Album (3/17/2008)
    The Bones Of You
    Grounds For Divorce
    An Audience With The Pope
    Weather To Fly
    The Loneliness Of A Tower Crane Driver
    The Fix
    Some Riot
    One Day Like This
    Friend Of Ours

  • Leaders of the Free World Album (9/6/2005)
    Station Approach
    Picky Bugger
    Forget Myself
    The Stops
    Leaders Of The Free World
    An Imagined Affair
    Mexican Standoff
    The Everthere
    My Very Best
    Great Expectations
    Puncture Repair

  • Cast Of Thousands Album (9/1/2003)
  • Asleep in the Back Album (5/7/2001)

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